La Vie en Fleur

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“Flowers are an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred…within ourselves.” – Eckhart Tolle


 Congrats again to Hindy for another great achievement!!  Beautiful Collection!!

I think all Heart2Heart ever does is congratulate Hindy for many of her accomplishments and always contributing to the betterment of our country, our environment and to the fashion industry!  


Showing the mastery of the craft, Hindy Weber- Tantoco does not fail to impress the audience as she presents her most up-to-date collection of exquisite design at the fifth installation of the Fashion Watch Quartet Series 3. 

Classy and tasteful are just a few of the many words that can describe Hindy-Weber Tantoco’s new Holiday collection. Her newest line takes inspiration from nature with its vibrant fauna and foliage evident in her pieces. Bulb-shaped silhouettes make up the main pieces of the new line taking off from the “cocooned tightness of flower buds”. Exceptional detailing is manifested in her line of evening wear boasting of burnt ruffle edges to mimic flower petals. Gowns, pants and jackets in floral prints were also distinct in the collection sticking to the designer’s foremost inspiration – La Vien En Fleur as she names it. Meticulously draped jerseys in an array of colors also stand out as the art of draping becomes recognizable. Casual wear as well is taken up a notch as Hindy-Weber Tantoco shows off what she is known for in the line of ready to wear clothing. Blouses and jackets in different materials were paired off with a selection of slim fit or wide leg pants with belts to cinch the waist.

Another emergent piece all throughout the designer’s line is the intricate wood appliqué that play as accents, standing out either as belt buckles, head and neck pieces or bag ornaments. These locally hand-carved wood appliqués do amplify an ordinary outfit adding flair and style to the whole look.

Sophistication takes its form in this collection that features a palette of very specific colors like twilight blue, sunset orange, dove grey, and sand. Alongside the vibrant array of colors, it is then combined with a wide selection of materials such as structured linens, brocades, and silk charmeuse further escalating the taste and stylishness of anyone. 

Fashion Watch Quartet’s production team is led by producers Joji Dingcong and McC Cuan, with the help of project director Patrick Rosas with his creative makeup team, project coordinator Grace Molina, and guest director for series 3, Robbie Carmona.




Environment-Friendly Shopping with The Marks & Spencer Eco Bag

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Thanks to my cousin Catherine for telling me about this…


Shopping and helping the environment just got easier and more stylish with the Marks & Spencer Eco Bag.  The bag is made of Organic Cotton and is part of Marks & Spencer’s Plan A campaign to safeguard natural resources by using sustainable raw materials. eco-900×900.JPG

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and uses traditional methods like crop rotation, hand weeding and natural pest control to produce crops with minimal impact on the environment.

There are four must-have designs to choose from – hip renditions of fashion icons and M&S models Twiggy, Erin O’Connor and Lily Cole, plus a chic trademark illustration by renowned fashion illustrator David Downton.

mserinecoshopper.jpg mstwiggyecoshopper.jpgecoshoppermsgreen.jpgmsecoshopperdaviddonwtown.jpg

Help reduce waste by ditching the plastic bag and grab this stylish and environment-friendly shopping bag for only P295.00 available at Marks & Spencer stores nationwide.

Marks & Spencer stores are located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3, Alabang Town Center, Power Plant Mall, Trinoma, Gateway Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Pampanga, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila and Ayala Center Cebu.


Mango Torte by Icing’s

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Thanks to Tonypet and Leslie for this new discovery!  Mango Torte by Icing’s!  It is a different kind of Mango Torte so do not expect it to be like the Cuerva’s type or other yummy Mango Torte’s out there.  It is a spongy type with plenty cream, not so much mangoes.  I have never tried anything like it before so it was a novelty for me.  I always like discovering and trying new things!

I actually visited Icing’s in Market Market as it is the closest one to me.  And true enough, they had no stock of Mango Torte.  It is one of their bestsellers! They have other Mango cakes but were all out.  The cakes in the counter looked good but they were very strict on picture taking.  But I was able to get a stolen shot :-)  According to the sales girl, their best sellers are the mango cakes and their sugar free cakes which again had no stock during my visit.  She also mentioned that they have a more complete line in their main branch in SM Supercenter in Pasig.  They also have breads.  There was a ciabatta type bread which I still want to try.  One of the breads which I really liked was the parmesan bread!


Parmesan Bread- good alone or with any dip




Chateau 1771

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Thanks Michele for inviting us to Chateau 1771.  One of my childhood favorites!  I have been wanting to eat here since Greenbelt 5 opened, so finally!

We had a nice table with the view of Greenbelt.  


I always enjoy looking at the paintings of Onib Olmedo which Chateau 1771 always has on their walls. 




The powder room 


 Croustade Forestiere


Good thing Michele enjoys Raclette like I do 


Potence – Steak Flambe 


Eggless Ceasar salad 


Lemon Chicken – highly recommended by Michele -definitely a MUST order! 


Butterflied prawns 


I think we ordered more desserts than our main dishes!  :-) 


Coffee Bean Sansrival 


Coffee Pie- YUMMY! 


Lemon Meringue Torte 




Care Packages for the Anonymous

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Here is an idea that adds a new dimension to giving. This is likely not a novel approach, but, Heart-2-Heart would like to share it.  Thank you to my cousin, Ana, ( who would like to always be anonymous ) for always sharing her ideas and great acts of love. 


    Thoughtfully chosen and assembled care packages for our loved ones, especially those separated from us in distance, is always a fun endeavour made more heart-warming when well and happily received.

    Right after this year’s devastating monsoon in Myanmar and the tragic earthquake in Sichuan, a friend, who lives in a country which has one of the most developed economies in Asia, shared that she already had donor fatigue. Thus, when the typhoon Frank hit the Philippines badly, she said that she really had little else to give. 

    When asked for my thoughts, I shared that if one were to count one’s blessings often, there should be little room for such weariness. When one lives fairly comfortably in a third-world country such as this, and, sees the disadvantaged everywhere, how can one not develop a grateful heart? How can one not be thankful for the blessings of all the basics and then some? 

    More than just giving, I believe that we should not only share actual goods, but, pass on intangible dignity as well.  More often the latter task is more difficult and more personal than the former. 

    Too often, I have seen hastily assembled packages for charity which contain very decent items, but, are also mixed with stained, soiled and very old items which would be of little use to others. When one has lost much, receiving a tattered or dirty item does not do much to lift one’s spirits.

    Rather, when one has little or has been able to recover few possessions, receiving carefully chosen items in good condition does wonders for the soul of the person who has survived adversity. Having heard from those who are part of organizations which distribute goods, I have been told that the joy that decent, especially packaged items elicit is immeasurable. 

    Sadly, calamities usually translate into numerous beneficiaries, and, the situation entails them having to weed through piles of heaped, donated goods to find something appropriate for them and their families. Thus, if we can do our part to carefully choose, package and label the items, a little extra effort helps take the edge off an already stressful situation. When one is down and out, the last thing that one needs to feel is that he or she has to be reduced to scavenging.

    Taking into consideration the fact that the goods have to travel and all the manhandling before it gets to the beneficiaries, and, although the extra packaging is not great for the environment, packaging does help preserve the cleanliness of items, and, the presentation makes the gift all the more special. In essence, instead of just throwing items into a box for giving, taking the extra steps is like gift-wrapping each every one with one’s good intentions.


    Whenever I am given cause to share, I not only physically spring clean, but, I also go through a mental exercise for each item. (That is why this is an activity that takes me months to complete!) I take each item out of its storage space, and, I think as to whether it will make someone happier than it makes me.  What might be of some value to me might be of infinitely more value to someone else.

carepackagesfortheanonymous03081208.jpg carepackagesfortheanonymous05081208.jpgcarepackagesfortheanonymous04081208.jpg

    As a concrete example, I have given several bags of clothing anonymously to a community of  teenaged orphaned girls. From a distance, I am regularly able to observe that pieces that I might have used only once or twice before are now being worn over and over by different girls. What were just extra pieces of clothing to me are so well used and happily worn by far more than just one person.

    It is a privilege to me that in this particular case, I am allowed to see the donations at work. However, one hand should not really know what the other one is doing, and, this kind of care should be taken whether one ever gets to see the beneficiary or not.

    If we can give dignity more than just giving goods and extras, the process of sharing becomes more rewarding for the receiver and the giver. 

    As Longfellow wrote, “Into each life some rain must fall.” Who ever knows when the once giver is forced to become a receiver by circumstance?

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Jim’s Global Beer Exchange

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Thanks to Jim and Rica for inviting us to your beer pairing event.  It is something very new for me since I do not drink beer.   


A year ago, Jim started this business of importing beer.  He now has 22 kinds of beers that he distributes and is being served in selected restaurants in the country.  

Don’t give up on me, maybe one day I will learn to appreciate beer. 




The beer pairing was held at Basilio’s in the Fort 


Website:  Global Beer Exchange  





Lucas 4th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Lucas!!  What a cutie!!!! 

I told Kai to have more babies and make more good looking kids!! She and Harco, who is Dutch, seem to make a great combination.  Hope to see you guys again soon! 

lucas4th1.jpg lucas4th9.jpglucas4th2.jpglucas4th4.jpglucas4th5.jpglucas4th6.jpglucas4th7.jpglucas4th8.jpglucas4th10.jpglucas4th11.jpglucas4th12.jpglucas4th13.jpglucas4th14.jpglucas4th15.jpglucas4th16.jpglucas4th17.jpg


Culte Femme Holiday 2008 Collection

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cultefemmeeventsept08.jpgHindy Weber-Tantoco

Limited Edition Collection

Featuring Hand-carved Woodart

Culte Femme is exclusively available in Rustans Makati, Shangri-la, Alabang Town Center and Cebu. Please visit our new area in Rustans Makati on September 5 and get a free fashion consultation with Hindy Tantoco. You will also get a free Nail Tropics Gift Certificate for every purchase of the featured items.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 8133739 local 289.