Classic Confections

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After dinner, we decided to have dessert in Classic Confections as recommended by our friend Carlson.  He said to have the banana cream pie.  And we did!  Carlson was right, it was very good.  I also like the cookies that come in different designs and the almond crunch. Classic Confections is owned by Baba, who is the wife of our friend Raoul.    More power to you Baba!classic-confections-book2.jpgclassic-confections-book3.jpgclassic-confections-book4.jpgclassic-confections-book5.jpgclassic-confections-book6.jpg classic-confections-book7.jpgBANANA CREAM PIE!!! YUMMY! classic-confections-book8.jpgclassic-confections-book9.jpgclassic-confections-book10.jpgclassic-confections-book11.jpgclassic-confections-book12.jpgclassic-confections.jpgclassic-confections001.jpgclassic-confections002.jpgclassic-confections003.jpg[email_link]

Myron’s Place

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We had dinner with Gary and Alexie and we wanted to try the new places at Greenbelt 5. So we tried Myron’s.  Nice place and ambience.  They have a reasonably priced menu.  We enjoyed the oysters and highly recommend the wagyu burger.  It was very good and very tender.  You can even choose to have it with blue cheese or foie gras!  Yummy!  Will not mind coming back to try the oysters and burger both with foie gras….

We all got to try a piece from the Angus rib eye Alexie ordered.   It was good too.   She was the only one who ordered the steak.  We wanted to try other things on the menu as there was a good variety to choose from.   



Our dining place

myrons-place-book5.jpg myrons-place-book6.jpgmyrons-place-book7.jpgdsc_4429.JPGdsc_4432.JPGdsc_4433.JPGdsc_4440.JPGmyrons-place-book9.jpgdsc_4438.JPGmyrons-place-book8.jpgdsc_4436.JPG

Myron’s Place, Greenbelt 5, telephone # 757-8898 or 757-9898


My First Seven Years

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My good friend, Rina, had a great idea for her son’s seventh birthday.  Heart2Heart would like to share the idea with you.

Rina compiled into a book ( by Picture Books ) some of the art works of Quinto from his first seven years and gave it to his family and close friends.  I am fortunate to have received one and I thought it was a beautiful gift to share and it reflects the thoughts and the growing years of Quinto expressed through art.  

Happy 7th Birthday Quinto!

Sharing with you the pages of Quinto’s book…. 

my-first-seven-years0001.jpg my-first-seven-years0002.jpgmy-first-seven-years0003.jpgmy-first-seven-years0004.jpgmy-first-seven-years0005.jpgmy-first-seven-years0006.jpgmy-first-seven-years0007.jpgmy-first-seven-years0008.jpgmy-first-seven-years0009.jpg my-first-seven-years0011.jpgmy-first-seven-years0012.jpgmy-first-seven-years0013.jpgmy-first-seven-years0014.jpgmy-first-seven-years0015.jpgmy-first-seven-years0016.jpgmy-first-seven-years0021.jpgmy-first-seven-years0022.jpgmy-first-seven-years0023.jpgmy-first-seven-years0024.jpgmy-first-seven-years0025.jpgmy-first-seven-years0026.jpg


Another book by Picture books-not only photos can be made into books but any printed material



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Margarita’s Paella of the Century!

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Finally Heart2Heart gets to feature Margarita’s “Paella of the Century!”  She made sure I called it that!:-) 

Margie is my bootcamp classmate and she is the life of the class.  I miss her whenever she does not come.  She is very nice and super funny! I enjoy being with her and chatting with her.      

Heart2Heart is always happy to feature the people behind great things… Some people say that your personality reflects on your work or on what you do…. I believe in that. 

A paella is a paella but be assured that Margie’s paella is not only the Paella of the Century… it is a HAPPY paella!      


I visited Margie in her stall at Salcedo Market and as you can see, she is super hilarious!  And notice how pretty and made up she is even at the market.  She is always at her best….even in the gym!  And I know she is not only particular with herself but with the ingredients she uses for her paella. 



margiecard.jpg  dsc_5939.jpgmargiecardtcontact.jpg

Rib Shack

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Received a text from our friend, Mart, a few weeks ago:

From a friend:  Hey guys, come visit us at the “RIB SHACK” located in the Salcedo market every Saturday from 7am to 2pm.  We’ve got the tastiest “fall of the bone” ribs.  I guarantee that you’ll be coming back for more.  We also serve Angus Beef Tapa and Truffle Mashed Potato.  Pls come and spread the word. See you


Ever since I received that text, I have been wanting to check it out.  Finally, I did.  YUMMY!  The Barbecued coffee ribs was something different.  

This is one of the owners, Ritchie, and his friend Jaren manning their booth at the market


I will never say “no” to your truffle mashed potatoes! Yummy!! dsc_5963.JPG



From the Kitchen Of Ginge

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Ginge invited Rina and I for lunch at her beautiful home.  


We enjoyed a home cooked filipino meal which we truly enjoyed.  Nothing is more special and more meaningful than a friend cooking for you.  



I asked Ginge if I could share two recipes with Heart2Heart which I thought were very good.  Yummy Tuyo flakes and Bicol Express. I hope you enjoy them too! 



(1 serving)


1 pack of tuyo (tunsoy or lapad)

chopped tomatoes and onions

garlic for sauteing

capers (whole or sliced)

olives (sliced)

olive oil


1. Scale, debone and flake tuyo.  Set aside.

2. Saute tomatoes, onions and garlic in olive oil.

3. Add olives and capers.

4. Add tuyo and cook till flakes soften a bit.

  Add olive oil if necessary.


Serving options:

1. as is – plus garlic fried rice

  * best for dipping: sukang pinakurat

2. as a pasta sauce


Bicol Express 


(1 serving – 3-4 pax)


1k. menudo cut (monterey)

2 packs sili haba (Dizon farms), cut diagonally into 3-4 parts

onions, tomatoes, garlic for sauteing

1 coconut to make fresh gata

(or 1 pack or can coconut cream – ayam brand)



1. Boil pork till tender.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

2. Saute pork in garlic, onions and tomatoes.

3. Add coco cream as pork turns light brown.

4. Add sili haba. Simmer.

5. Add bagoong.

6. Cover and simmer.  


* for this, make sure that the coco cream doesn’t dry. so maybe simmer for a wee bit till the green peppers become softer. i like mine spicy so i keep the seeds of the pepper on but if you like it mild, you may scrape the seeds off. for the gata, freshly squeezed is best. the canned ones are usually thicker so just dilute so consistency is not too thick nor heavy. 



Rain Drop Price Travel Deals!

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Dear Valued Clients,

When it rains, it pours!  Same as our big, big travel discounts this month of June.

For this season, Travel Warehouse is giving away as much as $63.00/person on its international packages and as big as Php 5,800.00/person on its local packages.  Not to mention the big discounts in most of our airfares!

Rain will not stop you from travelling because of this very good deals!

Please see attached flyer for details.  For bookings and other inquiries, please call our office at 6872490 to 92 just look for Joseph or Mike. You can also text your booking request at 09296880544.

Thank you so much!

Jaison Yang – Operations Manager-TWI


Unit 1007 OMM-Citra Bldg, 

San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center 

Pasig City, Philippines 1600 

Tel. Nos. (632) 6872490 to 92 

Fax: (632) 6872493





The Ice Cream Bar by Fruits in Ice Cream ( FIC )

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A few weeks ago Heart2Heart had to have her favorite QUEZO ice cream!  So, it was a good time to try it at the new Ice Cream Bar of FIC.  Aside from ice cream, they have snack food too.  Need to go back to try the whole experience.   




































Ice Cream, Bar

Joya Tower, Joya Drive, Rockwell

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