Jungle Joe’s World

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Javs and I discovered this new place in Subic.  It just opened last December 15.  They are only in their first phase and have many grand plans.  They have indoor and outdoor activities.  They even have a beach area which is still under development. The entrance fee was only P 280.00 which includes already 3 drinks.  I guess because not everything is fully operational yet.  I hope that all their plans push through as they have many more great ideas to implement. A bit too hot during the summer for the outdoor activities, but the indoor ones are airconditioned.  Definitely another place to go to while in Subic.  sc00034a2301.jpg

sc00034a23.jpgjungle-joes-world-book1.jpgjungle-joes-world-book2.jpgjungle-joes-world-book3.jpgjungle-joes-world-book4.jpgjungle-joes-world-book5.jpgjungle-joes-world-book6.jpgjungle-joes-world-book7.jpgjungle-joes-world-book9.jpgjungle-joes-world-book10.jpgjungle-joes-world-book11.jpgjungle-joes-world-book12.jpgjungle-joes-world-book13.jpgjungle-joes-world-book14.jpgjungle-joes-world-book15.jpgjungle-joes-world-book16.jpgjungle-joes-world-book17.jpgjungle-joes-world-book18.jpgjungle-joes-world-book19.jpgjungle-joes-world-book20.jpgjungle-joes-world-book22.jpgjungle-joes-world-book23.jpgjungle-joes-world-book24.jpg jungle-joes-world-book25.jpgjungle-joes-world-book26.jpgjungle-joes-world-book28.jpgjungle-joes-world-book29.jpgjungle-joes-world-book30.jpgjungle-joes-world-book31.jpgjungle-joes-world-book32.jpgjungle-joes-world-book33.jpgjungle-joes-world-book34.jpgjungle-joes-world-book8.jpg



The best QUEZO ice creams!

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THE BEST!:  Fruits in Ice Cream




The Pinoy’s version of a cheese desset.  Fresh cheese blended in creamy, milky sorbetes and dotted with “cheese” bits as how Pinoys know and love it.  Queso is another unique sorbetes flavor that is dairy nutritious and dairy delicious.

2nd BEST:   Selecta 


3rd BEST:  Arce Dairy  


They even have it in sugar free…






Rai Rai Ken caters!

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Our friends, Vince and Chelle, got a franchise of Rai Rai Ken which is one of the favorite places of the kids.  We just found out that they cater too, you might want to try them out: rai-rai-ken0002.jpg  rai-rai-ken0003.jpg rai-rai-ken0004.jpg  

They also have party platters for take out! rai-rai-ken0001.jpg 


Buffet by Alba

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Last month we ate in Alba’s and was surprised to see they had a buffet for P 550.00.  We were five in the group and we all had the buffet.  It included almost all the bestsellers plus more.  When we eat Spanish food we like doing it family style but when you are in a small group, buffet would be good because you can have a wide variety to choose from. I thought it was a great deal and the food was very good.753194679503_0_bg.jpg


Appetizers/Tapas 263194679503_0_bg.jpg

The dips were good and the assorted chorizos..yum yum!   463194679503_0_bg.jpg663194679503_0_bg.jpgCochinillo and Crispy Pata- very popular!  When I am about to take a picture, the food disappears so fast.   863194679503_0_bg.jpg573194679503_0_bg.jpg

All the chafing dishes were always being refilled as turnover was very fast…..773194679503_0_bg.jpg 

And of course the paella!  

The paella also goes so fast so I think i went back to the buffet table like 3 or 4 times to keep checking for a better photo opportunity.  It was so hard. 973194679503_0_bg.jpg

The desserts were also very good!!! The crepes samurai was different because the top was like the top of a creme brulee.  It was really good. The canonigo! yum yum!  I was lucky to get a photo because I took the photo while everyone was still eating their main- but everything in that dessert buffet disappeared after awhile.283194679503_0_bg.jpg953194679503_0_bg.jpgalba0017.jpgalba0018.jpgalba0019.jpgalba0020.jpgalba0021.jpgalba0023.jpg







Camp Cali – Fun, Friendship and Freedom

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Jaime and his cousin, Ramon, joined Camp Cali in the Summer of 2006.  I shared this with some friends and up to this day, I get many inquiries on Camp Cali.   So here are the photos from Camp 2006 and info on this summer’s camp.


Camp Cali 2006

We picked up Jaime on his last day of camp. Our sister Dina told us about it and we decided to let our sons, Jaime and Ramon, join. We witnessed the last day of camp and were amazed!! Sharing with you the photos. We highly recommend you send your children as well.   



Dear Friends and Family,

Two years ago, a couple of friends and I interested in youth development put up an honest-to-goodness residential Summer Camp for kids 7-11 and 12-15 years of  age. Located on an island at beautiful Lake Caliraya in Laguna, we are offering a  variety of activities and lessons for participants, in a beautiful natural environment. Kids can be themselves, experience community living and explore the natural environment underthe watchful eye of camp counselors under our supervision.

We love having groups of cousins and  friends come together for a week of fun, friendship and freedom. The Camp Cali experience is guaranteed to be a milestone in every young person’s life. Check us out. Camp Cali is The Place for Kids!

All the best!

Mark P. Joseph

Director Camp Caliwongga Inc.

cclogo.jpg120124585303_0_bg.jpg 247914585303_0_bg.jpg 875224585303_0_bg.jpg 982034585303_0_bg.jpg


 183134585303_0_bg.jpg 538124585303_0_bg.jpg 330924585303_0_bg.jpg









Enjoy a 6-day or 10-day camp in Lake Caliraya and learn to appreciate the beauty 

of the outdoors. Activities include the Camp Cali Island Adventure, Trekking, 

Swimming, Kayaking, Bonfire, Movie Night, Arts & Crafts, etc 


1. Team Building and Leadership Training Facilitation –

The CAMP CALI Team Building activities include Map Reading, Scavenger Hunt, Search and Rescue, LakeQuest and Stay Afloat, among others.

The facilitators can design activities to suit your needs and help build your teams into enthusiastic, productive groups with great morale and motivation. Specialized activities can be created should you want to address particular problems in your organization.


2.  Water Activities – Swimming, Kayaking, Funboat Sailing, Windsurfing

3.  Kid’s Summer Camp – Basic Swimming & Rowing, Cooking, Art & Crafts, Animal Interaction, Adventure Races & Games

4. Fun & Leisure – Movie Night, Bonfire Night, Karaoke Singing, Star Gazing, Kite Flying, Lake Tour, Outdoor Photography

5.  Other Activities – Trekking, Obstacle Course and Games, Adventure Races



6-DAY CAMP – MAY 12-17, 2008 

10-DAY CAMP – MAY 12-21, 2008 



6-DAY CAMP – P15,000 

10-DAY CAMP – P20,000 


Roundtrip Transportation – P1,000 









LEX REYES – 0917 8144312 

ESTEE WALLACE – 0920 9209200 

RIA FERRER-AMORANTO – 0920 9506029 


EMAIL:  camp_cali@yahoo.com 

WEBSITE:  www.campcali.multiply.com 



ride to Lake Caliraya from pick up points on the 1st day 

round trip boat transfers to Camp Cali 

tent accommodations  

hot showers in separate male & female bath houses 

healthy sumptuous family-style meals  

all activities with materials & equipment 

well-trained & child-friendly facilitators 

VAT inclusive 



Send an email to camp_cali@yahoo.com for an application form to be sent to you  

Submit application form together with P4000 reservation fee on or before April 30, 2008 to secure a slot 

Full payment on or before May 5, 2008 




It’s Not About the Coffee

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We are priveleged to know such a great man and his wife, Lyn.  Up to now they are very very good friends of the family.  

Howard was the one who brought Starbucks to the Philippines 10 years ago. We all know that good leadership determines the success of an organization and Howard was definitely a good leader. 

Congratulations Howard on your book!  


Former Starbucks President’s New Book!



“Howard Behar, the keeper of Starbucks’ soul for many years, has given us a book about how to succeed anywhere-not just in business. His ten principles should be required reading for every government official and college president.”


Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley


As a longtime senior executive at Starbucks, Howard Behar helped establish the company’s culture, and coached hundreds of leaders at every level around the world. 


Now in his upcoming book, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE COFFEE, Behar reveals the ten principles that guided his amazing leadership. And as the title suggests, not one of them is about coffee.  


As he writes, “At Starbucks the coffee has to be excellent, from the sourcing and growing to the roasting and brewing.  Our finances have to be in order.  But without people, we have nothing.  With people we have something even bigger than coffee.”


Behar argues that if an organization puts people before profits, everything else will take care of itself. If you think of your staff as people (not costs) they will achieve results beyond what is thought possible. And if you think of your customers as people (not revenue) you’ll make a deep connection with them, and they’ll come back over and over. 


Published by Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Group USA

For more information, please visit www.howardbehar.com

Available for sale at Starbucks and bookstores



by Trina

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Pao, I am so glad you met Trina!  And because of that, I got to meet her too and I just love her!  I enjoy her and I am glad to have a new friend!  She is so hard working and so super fun to be with.  Trins, thanks for inviting us over to your beautiful home and for preparing a wonderful meal for us.    trinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook1.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook10-1.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook4.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook2.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook3.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook6.jpg

trinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook5.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook7.jpg trinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook9.jpgtrinaandpoalosteakdinnerbook8.jpg


Arya Persian Restaurant

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Thanks to Bulgin and Lils for telling us about this place!!  If only it were not so far away from Makati…we would be here more often.  Whenever there is a Persian restaurant, I always want to try. Thanks to my regular eating partner, Brenda, we had lunch here a few weeks ago.  Yummy!672543369503_0_bg.jpg892543369503_0_bg.jpg982543369503_0_bg.jpg582543369503_0_bg.jpg 102753369503_0_bg.jpg602753369503_0_bg.jpgdsc_8885.JPGdsc_8887.JPGdsc_8888.JPGdsc_8890.JPGWow! I am so glad they had this dish that had a mixture of all the dips.  We got to try all – tatziki, hummus, motabal and misa kazemi. Goes well with any bread- pita, naan, toasted papad, etc. or with the kebabs. And then there is the 2 kinds of sauce on top of the table – Garlic sauce and a tomato based sauce which is spicy. 212753369503_0_bg.jpg Of course, the true test is always the kebabs!  We had the lamb and the beef.  And it was really good!  And not to forget the homemade french fries to go with it.  The rice was interesting because the plain rice was mixed with yellow rice on top.612753369503_0_bg.jpg812753369503_0_bg.jpg
And this was something we have never seen and tried before.  The waiter got our grilled tomato from the platter and started removing the skin then he added salt and pepper and the yummy garlic sauce that comes on the table. Add a little of the spicy tomato sauce for a little spice or more if you want it spicy.   After which he mashed the tomatoes and then it becomes like a sauce.  He said to eat it with the kebabs!!!! YUMMY!!! If you have a good garlic sauce you can make – then you can make this at home easily also.  For me, a good garlic sauce is also secret to good kebabs! And they usually come on the table already and you can put as much as you like.872543369503_0_bg.jpg


tel #:  489-8254 [email_link]