Dad’s 80th

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Dad celebrated his 80th birthday! What a milestone!! We had dinner with just the immediate family and the grandkids came over to greet Dada. Tippi prepared a superb meal…as usual. Dina presented her gift which was a nice video showing old photos and where his close friends greeted him and paid tribute to him. We were all in tears…..Dad is one of the simplest, kindest and most patient man that we know. We love you Dad!

Margs’ Special Day

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My brother spoils Margs to the fullest!! What a lucky girl! He gave a nice dinner for Margs on her birthday. It was an intimate get together with all her closest friends. It was a nice quiet evening, though I do not know what happened when we left after dinner…I heard the party ended at 4 am :-) Happy Birthday to our dear sister Margs!! We love you!


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Thanks to my brother Mike who lent me the maiden issue ( July ) of Rogue magazine.  From that day on, I have been seeing the magazine all over and friends talking about it over conversations.  It is a Men’s lifestyle magazine but my girl friends are reading it as well.   



 Available at Mag Net, Fully Booked and Bufini.  Soon to be available nationwide but as Mikko says, “why go through the trouble of buying it at the stands? Subscribe and get a deep discount!”  And the unique feature of this publication is that it is like food or pizza, when you are craving for it, why not have it delivered right at your doorstep?

Thanks to Mikko and Miguel from Rogue magazine!  Heart2Heart is giving away 20 FREE copies DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP of the newly released September issue of Rogue to the first 20 MEN that comment on the blog or email at

rouge2.jpg  rouge3.jpg




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August 29, Wednesday
One of the country’s fastest growing cosmetics brand in the market, Skinfood, finally comes to premier department store Rustans Essenses.
Skinfood’s rising popularity owes to its mid-priced yet high quality products. Its thrust on food cosmetics brings to us healthy and delicious skincare, makeup, bodycare and haircare that are suitable for any skin type. Talk about finding the perfect menu for your skin! [email_link]

Cuptails and Dreams

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Thanks to my cousin, Wendy Jalbuena for sending me a box of these delicious cupcakes…..she calls them “spiked cupcakes”.  And as I always do with cupcakes, I eat only the icing on top.  I got so excited I tried each and every flavor and loved it!  The presentation is so nice…they would make perfect desserts or giveaways in a party.



Have your drink and eat it too!  Cuptails & Dreams offers cocktail-inspired cupcakes that can bring life to any party.  Just like any cocktail, you can take your personal favorite and still enjoy being with your friends.  Flavors like Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Screaming O, BJ, Pina Colada, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, and Lemon Drop are just some of the kicks that you can enjoy in these colorful and flavorful cupcakes.  But hey, don’t think you can get drunk by eating these mini garnished cakes.  The hint of liquor will give you the taste of your favorite cocktails, and still keep you sober all night long. Kid-friendly cupcakes are also available for those who just want to satisfy their sweet cravings.  Tuxedo (vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting), Pink Lemonade (lemon cupcake with pink lemon buttercream frosting), Napolitana (vanilla cupcake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting), and The Original Sin (chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting) are just some of the tempting flavors you can enjoy. 

So for parties, weddings, and other gatherings with your friends, bring in some life and fun with Cuptails & Dreams. 

I chose to bake cupcakes because they can satisfy every craving each individual or personality would have.  Each adult would have her personal choice of dessert, yet at the same time, enjoy this indulgence with her friends and peers.  Not only are they pretty, but they always bring a smile to someone’s face as soon as a box of cupcakes is opened.”

For orders, suggestions, and comments, please contact Reena Francisco through 0927-5653261 or email: and

Please order 3 days in advance.  Product List


Margarita PhP55.00Lime cupcake with Tequila and Triple Sec, topped with lime buttercream frosting. Cosmopolitan PhP55.00Lemon cupcake with Vodka Citron, topped with cranberry buttercream frosting.Screaming O PhP55.00Chocolate cupcake with Kahlua, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting. 

BJ PhP55.00Vanilla cupcake with Vodka, topped with Bailey’s buttercream frosting. Mojito PhP55.00Lime cupcake with Light Rum, topped with Crème the Menthe buttercream frosting. 

Tequila Sunrise PhP55.00 

Orange cupcake with Tequila, topped with pink buttercream frosting

Pina Colada PhP55.00

Pineapple upside-down cupcake with Coconut Rum, topped with pineapple buttercream frosting. 

Lemon Drop PhP55.00Lemon cupcake with Vodka Citron, topped with lemon buttercream frosting. DreamsVanilla Sky PhP40.00Vanilla cupcake topped with light blue vanilla buttercream frosting.

Pink Lemonade PhP45.00Lemon cupcake topped with pink lemon buttercream frosting. Don Capuccino PhP45.00Mocha cupcake topped with mocha buttercream frosting and ground cinammon. 

Tuxedo PhP45.00Vanilla cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. Black Mandarin PhP50.00Orange cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. 

Napolitana PhP50.00Vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting and sliced almonds. The Original Sin PhP55.00Chocolate cupcake topped with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. 

All the Cuptails are garnished similar to the actual cocktail or shooter, while the Dreams are garnished with candy sprinkles and nuts. 

Upcoming Cuptails are Lychee Margarita, Black Russian, The Alexander, and Sex on the Beach.  New pastry lines are the Bars called Brunette (fudge brownie), Blondie (gooey butterscotch bar), Red Head (red butterscotch), and Afro (revel bar).  And for those who just really can’t resist Oreo Cookies, we will also be launching our Oreo d’evours (pronounced as Oreo dervs) soon – it’s your favorite Oreo Cookie with exciting fillings and toppings. photographer & food-stylist:  Mary Rose Pena
photographer:  Rico Ramoso
venue of photo shoot:  Magnet Cafe Bonifacio High Street


Manoling and Sandie

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As always, a warm reception by Manoling and Sandie. I always tell them that their house looks like a museum and indeed it is because aside from looking like one, inside are many beautiful works of art.
With their permission, sharing with you their beautiful home by Ed Calma and the friends we had dinner with….

Mother’s Club – Gaita Fores

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Margarita Fores celebrates Cibo’s 10th anniversary ( Aug. 22, 1997 ) by sharing recipes with Mother’s Club. Gaita is one of my favorite chefs and I would not have missed this chance to learn from her. She shared with us so many valuable cooking tips. She brought her best staff to assist in the demo, she spared her time then she did not even charge us for the ingredients! Our heartfelt thanks to Gaita for SHARING, for your stories, for a worthwhile afternoon and for inspiring us to fulfill our dreams…no wonder you are so successful.