Save Our Seas, Love the Beach with U Swim

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 Website:  Haribon Foundation

U Swim’s Save the Seas Campaign

About the Haribon Foundation: ( Taken from website) 



The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources is a membership organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. It aims to build a constituency for environmental issues that will call for prioritizing conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid scientific and socio-economic research. We are the pioneer environmental organization in the Philippines.

The name “Haribon” was coined from the words “haring ibon,” referring to the Philippine Eagle. The Philippine Eagle is the icon that signifies the importance of protecting biodiversity in the Philippine territory. Its presence is a constant reminder to the Filipinos to be continuously involved in taking care of our environment.

Our niche

Biodiversity is the wealth of life forms found on earth: the millions of different plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain, and the intricate ecosystems that they form.

Simply put, biodiversity IS life. Haribon’s work in biodiversity conservation seeks to protect that life through four core strategies: Saving Sites, Saving Species, Working with People, and Advocacy.

Our beginnings

Haribon started out as a bird-watching society in 1972 and evolved into a nature and wildlife conservation society. In 1983, the society became a full-fledged conservation foundation. Today, it is recognized, both in the Philippines and abroad, as the pioneer in Philippine environmental conservation. Haribon joins birds and habitat conservation organizations worldwide in a global partnership called BirdLife International. Haribon is the Philippine partner.

Our vision

Haribon takes the lead in caring for nature with the people – for the people.

Our mission

Haribon is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence.

Our signature

The logo nine leaves on one tree symbolize the nine ecosystems found in the Philippines: forest, marginal, agricultural, urban, freshwater, mangrove, sea grass, coral and soft bottom. haribon-tree-71.jpg

The line “Protecting Nature, Preserving Life” establishes the character of the organization. 



Essenses Foundation Celebrates Women’s Month

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March 25, Tuesday – 4:00 pm

Heaven on the Fifth, Rustan’s Makati

Essenses Foundation by Rustan’s celebrates Women’s month through the launch of the book by Isa Lorenzo ( who is also a Board of Trustee for the foundation ) which features Filipinas.  Heart2Heart thinks it is a great feature, a great subject.  Why look elsewhere when we have many Filipinos right in front of us who are great achievers. 

The photo exhibit was launched last January of 2006 and it has gone through several countries throughout the world- The US, Paris and soon to be in Belgium.  My photos do not justify the real photos since it was difficult to take photos of the photos ( probably done on purpose ) – so do stop by Rustan’s to visit the exhibit.

And now, the photos were compiled in a book which was launched mid last year.  Do get a copy of the book which aside from the photo, has a short story on each Filipina featured. Isa says that the book is small because it is meant to be a children’s book for kids with small hands.  She wants the future generation to be able to read the book so they will be inspired by the 30 Filipina women who have made a difference in our society.  

For every P 1,500.00 sales from the book of Filipinas, P 500.00 will be given to Essenses Foundation.  




sc00082d25.jpg womens-rights0002.jpg  


sc00089e7d.jpg sc0008b682.jpg sc0008c9f0.jpg 











sc00086b5a.jpg    rustans.jpg[email_link]

New SNACK Discoveries at Coop

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How would you know by the packaging if this product is good? or what it really is? Japanese products are usually like that- everything is always in japanese!  But for some reason, our brother Mike can always choose good food especially the SNACKS in COOP, the japanese grocery. And one tip, when you see it or see something you like, get as many as you can because it is not always available. The snacks change all the time.  Try this!  It is really good!  

Japanese Kropek – prawn flavor ( saw a shrimp/prawn image on the packaging ) .  Very thin and crispy and VERY TASTY! Hope it is not all MSG. 







AND THIS IS VERY NEW!!! I have not even seen it in Hong Kong Yet.  It is a new flavor of one of the popular snacks of Calbee which is Pizza flavor:



Now it comes in Cheese!!!! Cheese on cheese!!! 


It has real cheese on top of the chips!!



It is best to go when they have new deliveries flown in by air. 


location: beside Sango, Creekside Mall, Makati 

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Latin Heat

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lh-flyer.jpgEnjoy the rhythms of the salsa, rhumba, chacha, pachanga, mambo, and other latin beats as interpreted by Ballet Philippines. Featuring the Guitar Friends Ensemble and Salsa Manila.  The sounds of South America take center stage as Ballet Philippines ends its 38th season with the sensual, flamboyant rhythms of the salsa, rhumba, bossa nova, reggae and Caribbean music. Envision images of hot, languid days at the beach and sultry nights embraced by passion and desire. All in all, this promises a scorching night. 



Thank you Tito Joey Soriano for making us a part of your worthwhile endeavor.  It has been a long long time that we had gone to the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  Mom used to take us as little girls  to watch ballet almost every month and we remember having to dress up as it was a formal event.  Me and my sister enjoyed it, then we realized that all this stopped.  Suddenly the Cultural Center had been very quiet…..

We are grateful that Tito Joey had introduced us again to the Arts and we hope that he will continue to inspire many to patronize the arts and the Filipino talent. Latin Heat proved this and it was a beautiful and entertaining show.  Perfect to start the summer too with all the dancing heat!  It was our first time to see ballet mixed with Latin dance. I had asked Tito Joey to give me a copy of the beautiful speech he gave that evening – though he did not have it scripted, he was able to write it down all over for me because I want to share it with you.   Do take time out to read it….


Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos, brainchild of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, his excellency Ambassador Adnan Basaga of Turkey and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Oja Basaga, friends, ladies and gentlemen:

            Before we go up to the main theater lobby for the latin night shindig, allow me first to thank the major sponsors this evening. The first is a commercial bank and thanks to Mrs. Frannie Aguinaldo Jacinto the Bank of the Philippine Islands is the major sponsor. The second is a private individual and thanks to Mrs. Marvi Cojuangco Yulo, her mother Mrs. Imelda Ongsiako Cojuangco is the second major sponsor.

            You know ladies and gentlemen. One thing that really bothers me is when someone says to me: “You know, Joey, I really don’t support the arts. I would rather support programs that help the poor.” And that is all very noble, no question about it but it still baffles and frustrates me when I hear this remark because in truth, art in all its forms is the wealth of any nation. It is the life and blood of a people because it is part and parcel of their culture. It is what makes and identifies us.

            Art is what touches our senses. It is what eases the mind and unstresses our body. It is what uplifts the spirit and moves the soul. It is what makes us human. And if majority of talented Filipino artists had the financial backing and monetary resources then the word “starving artist” would no longer exist in our country. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines as opposed to countries in the west and even those around Southeast Asia where the government and much of the private sector support the arts, in this country, art is considered a last priority. It is not a necessity but a luxury. And sad to say golf and tennis and shopping and coming out in the society pages of a newspaper is far more of a necessity than the sheer joy and quiet appreciation of art.

            And I think that the Bank of the Philippine islands understands this problem wholeheartedly because they hone Filipino talent. They allow Filipino artists to spread their wings. To be acknowledge, admired and appreciated and they give them a future. And I also take my hat of to the Bank of the Philippine Island because they not only serve their customers and clients as a bank but they also serve the nation as well by allowing the Philippines to flourish and prosper. And I hope and pray that other banks and financial institutions and corporations will do the same with equal passion in the near future.

            In the same manner, Mrs. Imelda Ongsiako Cojuangco has always been a patron of the arts. Ever since I can remember she has always been a chairperson, a director, a trustee of organizations that involved themselves with Filipino art and culture. Again I hope art and talent not only because of the prestige and adulation and socializing involved in attending the opening of an art exhibit or a gala premiere but because you honestly care as dependable citizens of our country.

            To these two entities I express my deepest gratitude for their largesse and generosity just as I would like to thank each and everyone of you here tonight. You who have given one five, three, five, ten, fifteen thousand without batting an eyelash. And I know many of you have said “basta ikaw Joey, we will support you.” But it’s not I who you support. It is these ballet dancers, these talented performances whom you have given your blessings because you have allowed them to shine and you have embraced their talent. And because of your kindness you have made the Philippines, our country, a little better, a little richer, a little greater even just for tonight.

            Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat. Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino lalung-lalo na ang sining Pilipino na kusang nangangailangan ng tulong ninyo.  Magandang-magandang gabi po.


Ballet Philippines Website:  

Cultural Center of the Philippines website:    


New at Sango!

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I have not been to Sango for quite some time now and was happy to take my Mom to try it.  They have many new items on the menu and they have a new branch in Ortigas ( Pearl Plaza Pearl Drive ) already for those in that area, now is your chance to try it. 





This is Heart2Heart’s favorite at Sango! Master Cheeseburger!! Apparently it is also the bestseller of Sango.  


I still need to try this giant version which has double cheese and double burger!



Favorite dessert: like a soft serve ice cream ( vanilla ) with cornflakes


NEW AT SANGO!!!sc0002783c01.jpg  






They DELIVER!!!! 

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Manny Librodo’s Summer Workshops in North America

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Manny will be in the Philippines in July to do one on one workshops, he can accomodate 2 or 3 workshops, if you are interested please get in touch with him at


From Manny:

Two months off from school…Another chance to conduct workshops in North America.I hope I can do more. But time is too short.And the whole of July is for….the PHILIPPINES!

Thanks to the workshop organizers. Interested parties, please contact the organizer/s. 




 bannersmall.jpg At long last, we will have an opportunity to learn from a modern master of digital portraiture. Highly admired for his distinct style, world renowned Manny Librodo has signified his intent to come to Los Angeles, CA, this June 21 and 22, 2008 to share his knowledge. (For his galleries and profile, please click on His techniques to be revealed on a hands on workshop of one full day of shooting and post processing for a very limited number of enthusiasts. This will be a digital photography workshop involving your DSLR and your laptop with Photoshop (CS) editing software. This will be on a first come first pay basis, so make your arrangements with me as soon as you possibly can. For all inquiries, I will take your phone calls at 818-808-7434 . Jesus Salvo – RSVP #2 – 9414 Van Nuys Blvd. Panorama City, CA 91402 

In The Footsteps of a Hero: A Writing Workshop for Adolescents

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In the Footsteps of a Hero:  A Writing Workshop for Adolescents

with Ms. Carla Pacis

For ages 13-18 years

April 16, 17, 18, 21 and 22, 2008

10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Fee is PhP 4,500.00



In today’s world, heroes are much in demand.  Some of us may know real life heroes, others play the hero in “virtual” ways through games, but most of us know about heroes only through stories.  The stories people find most engaging follow the structure called the Hero’s Journey.  This is especially true of adolescents whose own lives are similar to the hero’s journey.  This structure will be the basis of the module for the writing workshop to be conducted by Ms. Carla Pacis.  The workshop will be for five days – April 16, 17, 18 and April 21 and 22 – from 10am-12noon.  At the end of the five days, the participants will submit a story.  Fee of PhP 4,500.00 includes materials.


Ms Carla Pacis is a multi-awarded writer and professor of writing and literature at the De La Salle University in Manila.


The Lopez Memorial Museum is at the ground floor, Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.  Museum days and hours are Mondays to Saturdays, except holidays, from 8am-5pm.  For more information, please call 631 2417 or email to or