Silid Sining by Pinky Marquez

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Classes start April 1

Registration- P 5,000.00 per person any lesson

kids 6 – 12 kids  musical theatre

class 1  every monday and wednesday friday  9 to 12 noon 

class 2  teens/adults  13- up  every tuesday, thursday and saturday 9 to 12 noon  



Easter is chocolates!

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Easter is not so prominent in Hong Kong except for the chocolate stores.  It is a big occasion for them and they really have special treats made for the occasion.  I think the only one I missed was See’s Chocolates.

(As usual, in Hong Kong they are very strict on picture taking so all are stolen shots )






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Island Shangri-la Hotel Patisserie- Island Gourmet





spr08eastertotebag16pcs-x.jpg spr08goldbox32pcs-x.jpgspr08honeybunny5pcs-x.jpgspr08springgiftbox26pcs-x.jpg







Note:  Logos and some photos taken from websites of the chocolate brands 


Kape Vinta

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 Filipino Coffee Delivers Daily Inspiration to Starbucks Customers

Bold. Earthy. Smooth. Similar to a typical Filipino, Kape Vinta celebrates the blend of coffee and culture.

Launched in 1998, Starbucks Kape Vinta has continued to deliver daily inspiration to Filipinos.  A bold combination of Philippine and Indonesian coffees, it is meant to capture the essence of the shared passion for great coffee between Starbucks and the Filipinos.

The blend is smooth and strong while leaving a syrupy feel in the mouth with a lingering hint of spiciness at the end.  And although the beans are grown in Mindanao, they are brought to and roasted in Seattle.

As soon as you sip the warmth of Kape Vinta, one is immediately reminded of the mountains of Mindanao and the earthiness of the Bukidnon soil.  Specifically in Miarayon region, the community of the tribal minorities is located in the southeastern section of Malaybalay in Bukidnon.  There is a lack of roads, electricity and running water.  There is also limited access to public transportation.  Miarayon’s 5,000 families are of ethnic origins and are heavily dependent on their land’s produce.

One of their main livelihood programs is growing coffee.   Part of the initiative of Rustan Coffee Corporation (RCOC), the official licensee of Starbucks Coffee International, is its commitment to sustainable development in coffee origin countries. 

“With Kape Vinta, we are also helping train our local farmers grow quality coffee and meet the standards of quality set by Starbucks International.”

To further highlight the Filipino look, the coffee stamp was designed by the highly acclaimed Mauro “Malang” Santos.  Like its unique characteristics, it showcased the Vinta of the Mindanao region, where the coffee is grown.  Likewise, the boldness of the coffee reflects the colors of the Philippine flag: red, blue and yellow.  Mellow and earthy, Starbucks Kape Vinta is a true showcase of the Filipino artistry, culture and heritage.

“We can do so many things with Kape Vinta and contribute positively to the communities by donating proceeds to benefit our very own Filipino coffee,” says Lopez.  

Kape Vinta is available in 250g flavorlock packs in all Starbucks outlets in the Philippines.

The Rustan Group of Companies signed in 1997 an exclusive licensing agreement to develop a Starbucks retail business in the Philippines through Rustan Coffee Corporation (RCOC).  The first store was opened in December of the same year at 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati. Since then, 129 Starbucks Coffee stores have opened nationwide.

“Our company has continued to deliver the Starbucks experience through Kape Vinta – inspiring Filipinos one cup at a time.”




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FINALLY!!!! After 3 failed attempts to have dinner with the group, we finally got to have dinner together.   


Newts and Michelle chose our dinner venue…something new and different. Though maybe we will not go all the way back there to have another meal, we enjoy trying and seeing new places and concepts.  Whenever my family and friends ask where to go to eat, my suggestion is always ” anywhere, as long as it is something new that we have not tried yet.”  There are so many places to go to..and many restaurants to try…



Bulan, which means “moon” in several languages, is owned by Marlene Aguilar, sister of Freddie Aguilar.   

She publishes books and she owns Bulan which is a restaurant and a furniture store.  




She rented the house from the owners of Jo Liza in Little Baguio, San Juan.  All the paintings, furniture, decors, tables, chairs are for sale.  



The restroom:



Though the interiors are Asian inspired, the food is European.  I particularly liked the Paulie’s steak which was steak with gorgonzola cheese and the pasta with three kinds of mushrooms, Crystal’s Flambe that I ordered. Portions are small for most but perfect for me:









There is a second floor where there are more items for sale.  You can also have a private affair in the second floor.




The bathroom on the 2nd floor:


 Beautiful antique chafing dishes from India which are for sale at P 50,000 each:






Thai at Silk

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 347587568503_0_bg.jpgThank you Lolo for inviting us to have dinner with you…not only did we enjoy your company…. but we also love Thai food! 

 781448568503_0_bg.jpg  thai-at-silk0001.jpg silkbook3.jpgthai-at-silk0002.jpg  page2.jpgsilkbook1.jpgthai-at-silk0003.jpg Tita Tess, sarap this dessert!!! Glad you ordered it.  Remember that you need to order this in the beginning of the meal because it takes time to prepare.  silk-dessert.jpeg  thai-at-silk0004.jpg [email_link] 

My Bangkok Seminar by Peachy

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Peachy was very fortunate to have attended the workshop of Manny Librodo last March 1 and 2 in Bangkok!  Manny and Aloha chose two of their favorite works at the end of the seminar and one of them was the work of Peachy, Congratulations!!



4.gifby Peachy Garcia Concepcion 

I joined the photo workshop of Aloha Lavina and Manny Librodo in Bangkok. I really like Aloha’s travel photos a lot and looked forward to seeing her style of shooting. I love Manny’s use of natural light for all his photos and wanted to watch how he achieved his effects before post processing. It was a two day workshop. Extremely hard and tiring work as we shot from 6 am to 6pm the first day in an old abandoned building with no chairs or bathrooms. So we were on our feet basically all day. The next day was all morning also with photoshop class all afternoon. It was 6-9 different set ups the first day as this was the first time that they used Manny’s 2 favorite models together in one workshop. Kharu is a Filipina while Krystal is Thai. Though they both appear larger than life and extremely sophisticated in photos, they are both really sweet and simple. It was a first for Manny as well to shoot them together. Something you could really see he loved doing. Am only posting a few of my shots as these were the shots that were most different from the others. The borrowed zoom lens from Manny that I was using conked out and I had to focus manually the entire time. Yikes! Was so glad I could do it quickly but it certainly was a learning experience for me. All in all it was a great trip. Aloha and Manny are so talented as well as down to earth that learning from them was such a pleasure. bangkokmannyl.jpg_pgc2758.JPG_pgc2760.JPGmanny.jpg manny11.jpg  manny12.jpg  _pgc2608.JPG  manny1.jpg  manny13.jpg manny7.jpg  manny15.jpg manny10.jpg  manny9.jpg manny8.jpg 

 previous entry:  Workshop Spring Duet in Bangkok- February 7, 2008


Peachy will also be part of an exhibit called Bravo Filipino. Indeed an honor for Peachy to be invited to join such a roster of photographers including another friend, Kit Kat Zobel.  Congratulations in advance to Peachy and Kit Kat and the 7 others. Try to stop by to visit the exhibit.


 March 27-April 8