Neem Tree

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neem.jpgSharing a household tip from my cousin, Ana. 

Use Neem tree leaves to avoid those insects in your stored rice.  Just put it inside the rice container.  It will not work if there are insects already in the rice.  You have to put the leaves as soon as you remove it from the plastic bag and transfer to the container.  Or if your container already has insects, you need to clean the rice and remove the insects and then put back into the container and add the leaves.  1 stem is good for around 25 kilos of rice.

It does not however work for japanese or calrose rice as it gives it a smell. So use it only for jasmine or local rice.

Neem trees are quite common in our country, so chances are you can find them easily. 


Malcolm’s Place

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Thanks to Vina and Lindy for introducing Malcolm’s. The dish that i would highly recommend is the Wagyu beef burger. I asked for the Blue Cheese butter which usually comes with the Wagyu steak orders since I like blue cheese burgers. It was really good. Try it!


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cindy_fairygod.jpgI remember when I was high school, my parents would bring me along to watch Repertory plays at the Insular Life building.  I liked it so much and became a regular season ticket holder….and did not miss a single play. It was very entertaining and it was cozy because the theater was small so no matter what seat you were in, you felt close to the actors and as if you were part of the play. I remember Michael Williams, Miguel Faustman, Baby Barredo and Joy Virata.  I really liked them. 

Repertory now has found its new home at Greenbelt On Stage.  We have recently watched Aladdin Jr, Sound of Music and Cinderella. After watching Sound of Music, my kids wanted to audition for REP as they saw kids their age acting and singing. Though judging by the kids reactions, they seemed to enjoy Cinderella the most as it had more elaborate props and settings, it was funny and most important interactive.step20family204.JPG I am so glad that there is theater in our country that my children can go to so they can get exposed to the arts. We need to patronize the local arts so that they can continue and improve the quality of their productions.  I wish REP more success and I hope that they will continue to bring joy and laughter through stage. 




There are still two more plays remaining for the year:

untitled.JPGLOVE’S LABOR’S LOST – September 15 to October 7

Shakespeare entertains audiences through exuberant physical comedy and witty wordplay in Love’s Labor’s Lost as the King of Navarre and his cohorts vow to spend three years devoted to study only to find themselves tempted by ladies and love when the Princess of France and her entourage arrive in Navarre on a diplomatic visit.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF     – November 9 to December 16

In the little village of Anatevka, Tevye, a poor dairyman, tries to instill in his five daughters the traditions of his tight-knit Jewish community in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. Rich in historical and ethnic detail, “Fiddler On The Roof” has touched audiences around the world with its humor, warmth and honesty. It’s universal theme of tradition cuts across barriers of race, class, nationality and religion, leaving audiences crying tears of laughter, joy and sadness. “FIDDLER ON THE ROOF” has all the elements of good family entertainment  familiar music; a beautiful story filled with love, humor and a bit of sadness, and a lot of lively dances and production numbers.  Even children will find it entertaining.  Without question, “Fiddler” will be a hot ticket in town, as it should be.


As Rep turns 40 this year, “Fiddler” is a fitting celebration of its rich tradition and promising future.  

For tickets, call REP 887-0710 or TICKETWORLD at 891-9999

House with a personalized Touch

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I saw my friends house evolve from the very beginning (December ’06) and what strikes me the most is how they chose every single piece and the way they put things together. They were their own interior decorators and slowly they kept adding more details little by little. There is so much more meaning when the people living in the house put their heart and soul into furnishing their home. It reflects their sense of beauty, style and taste. I am glad they patronized Filipino made items and blended in their purchases from Europe. Looking forward to its continous evolution through the years…… Thanks to Suharto and Rina for always sharing their home with us and making us part of their lives. It is in this house that they host their many friends who cherish their friendship and their kind hospitality.

Foie Gras

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Foie Gras is my MOST FAVORITE DISH in the whole wide world! Since it is VERY expensive and VERY unhealthy, I have to order it only when I feel that it will be another UNIQUE experience. I look for a unique combination of ingredients to bring out the flavor of the Foie Gras.  So far, these are the three foie gras dishes which are worth ordering:

Seared Foie Gras and Barbecued Eel with Braised Daikon and Leek Miso Mustard

OKADA – Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas


Taglierini, Fegato d’Oca De Lusso – goose liver, cream, rose pepper

Pepato, Greenbelt 2, Manila, Philippines by Gaita Fores

( Introduced to me by my sister, Krie )


Panfried Duck Liver with Lightly Salted, Crisp Fried Knuckle of Pork, Truffle jus served with Sweet and Sour Summer Cabbage

Sjomagasinet by Chef Leif Mannerstrom – Gothenburg, Sweden


I am in constant search for the best and most unique Foie Gras dishes in the world……. 


Rustan’s celebrates the birthday of Criselda Lontok

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In celebration of Criselda’s birthday, there was a fashion show presenting her Holiday collection. It was beautiful!! All her friends and loyal clients were there to celebrate the occassion. Criselda is blooming more than ever! She is a part of the family and we love her. I worked with her for around 10 years and she is really hard working until today. Happy Birthday Criselda!


Pink Kitchen

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Pink Kitchen is the brainchild of Bettina Osmena, Chairman of the ICanServe Fund Raising Committee. She sought the expertise of Beth Romualdez, first rate culinary expert, author and teacher, in selecting and screening the best chefs with big hearts for the breast cancer advocacy. It was a big success!!! For more information visit:

SPCP Batch ’87 Reunion

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It was great seeing my gradeschool batchmates from St. Paul College of Pasig. Though I left for highschool and went to Assumption, they have still included me as part of the SPCP Batch ’87. I loved my gradeschool days- my friends, my school and had lots of memories to treasure. It was nice to see many faces from 24 years ago. Thanks to Eizelle, Pia and Tricia for making this happen.


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I was invited by my gradeschool bestfriend, Nelda Valencia-Eufemio, to the launching of her new clinic at the Fort. NU U is a one stop health and beauty center combining both Dermatology and Dental services. I am so proud of her and how she has succeeded in her career. She is responsible for the SHINY white teeth of all the Close up models and other celebrities. Congratulations to Nelda and her team! [email_link]