In case of fire!

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I discovered another great tip from Tita Monique Villonco!  When i visited her last week, i saw a bunch of plastic organizers set aside in her house.  I asked the household staff what it was and she said that, in case of a fire, those are the first things they will bring out of the house.  Wow!!! I was amazed at how organized it was and how forward thinking Tita Monique is.  And her being a photographer, of course, most of the stuff in those containers are valuable memories which you cannot recreate anymore once they are lost or burned.  I am going to Make Room to buy matching plastic containers and copying her great idea!




Persia Grill

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From now on, Mike will be one of my top sources for restaurants to go to…..We are always on the lookout for good Persian restaurants and so far there is our number one favorite, Hossein’s Persian Kebab and a recently discovered one, Sinbad’s (, which was through Mike also.   And now there is Persia Grill to add to the list. 

Raphael (Raph), son of Gloria Diaz, works there and we got to meet him two weeks ago.  Thanks to my eating mate, Brenda, for always accompanying me.  Raph introduced his good friend to me, Kian, who owns the restaurant. I read somewhere that Kian was one of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. His father owns Kazemi carpets outside San Lorenzo Village. 
The restaurant was full during lunchtime with office people in big groups. Dinner time would probably be less crowded.

Mike specified to order GBX (ground beef express) and sure enough, it was really good. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER GBX.  We ordered several business meals ( you can’t see what is under the rice )  since it came with rice  already and came with butter on top which melts right when it reaches your table.  The lamb chop was really good too.  The fruit shakes looked really good but we did not get to try them instead we took photos of the shakes of our next door table :-)  You can have it with yogurt or without. For dessert, Raph recommended the leche flan which he says is homemade and really the BEST……IT IS TRUE!!!

The food is really very reasonable and yummy.  TRY IT!!!
Valero Car Park 2, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, in Makati City
telephone #:  818-9090
Open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day

My next Persian stop will be Arya Persian in Promenade which my friend Lilli Ann is recommending.

By Gippy and Hindy

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I visited one Saturday afternoon…….Another house to admire as they both did the interiors themselves.  They are very artistic!!! Not only is the house done well, but there is something about the house… is very peaceful and it had a very relaxing atmosphere.  All the drapes were tied because it was raining that afternoon, the wind was cool, it was quiet, and that feeling of peace was really nice.  It was such a nice ambience just hanging out there….I guess when a house is filled with love… it shows…….


Camp Pain for fitness!

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Boot Camp classes will provide a time-efficient approach to exercise. You work the whole body. You’re in and out. For most of us who are time-conscious, it’s a nice way to fit fitness in.  In a gym, you’re on your own, at Boot Camp you form a camaraderie with people, because you’re going through the challenges together.

mig.jpgkatie2.jpg   james.jpg  marge.jpg   stella3.jpg   mig2.jpg  bingbing.jpgned.jpg

The core of Boot Camp is that it is an overall, well designed, whole body workout. A fitter you will perform better in whatever sport you participate in, in whatever situation you find yourself in.  The classes are about progress, not perfection.   The class works with your abilities and encourages you to work at your own pace.Boot Camp will develop your strength, stamina and flexibility. The program combines cardiovascular and strength training exercises in a regimented 60 minute sessions. 

 mig3.jpg  katie.jpg   stella2.jpg

Join James, Katie, Bing Bing, Stella, Marge, Mig, Alexie, Ria, Gary and I at the Polo Club Gym on Mondays 1130am & Wednesdays 615am & 1000am.  And for those in the south, there are classes at the Alabang Country Club Studio on Mondays & Thursdays at 630pm. 

For more inquiries, contact Ned Hourani at or at 0917-8471764. 


Lartizan Bakery and Mickey’s Deli

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Another good recommendation by my brother Mike.  We had lunch today at Mickey’s and the place was full.  We met the owner of both Mickey’s and Lartizan.  It is always nice to meet the owners, even if I just have to tell them what a great job they are doing.    Johnlu Koa of Lartizan (French Baker) was even baking himself!  They had this NO CRUST whole wheat bread which is perfect for me because I always remove that part.  This is the first time I saw it being sold that way.  All the breads of the deli are supplied by the bakery.  They also bake the pizza in the bakery with the toppings coming from Mickey’s.The lady owner of Mickey’s did not want me to take her photo because she wanted her partner, Mickey to be in it too plus I forgot to ask her name.  She was busy helping out…….. And it was good to know that she is a loyal shopper of Rustan’s :-)  Most of their deli items are homemade as Mickey, is a German master butcher. I had the Mickey’s Italian Burger and munched on each and everyone’s order.  Everything was excellent!  Mike was right when he said that the pizza crust was really good.  It is made from fresh ciabatta bread by Lartizan.  They had only one dessert and boy they really made sure that was all you should have….yummy!! What a great combination to have a bakery and deli. 

144 Jupiter st. corner Orbit st., Bel-Air 2 Village Tel #:  899-6923



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October 5, Friday 32 Mc Kinley

Congratulations to Liza Ilarde, Editor in Chief of TraveLife Magazine!  Liza was also the Editor in Chief behind one of the top magazines in the country, Mega magazine.    They were one of the pioneers in the industry.  I noticed that when sharing albums with friends, one of the popular subjects is travel photos. People always want to see where you went, what you did and what you ate. Many always ask for travel tips before they leave for a trip.  So this magazine for sure will be very helpful. 

To quote from the Publisher, Christine Cunanan: 
“It’s the only dedicated travel magazine published on a regular basis.  It is written for the Filipino market by passionate Filipino travelers with real experiences and stories to share.  It’s an original Filipino publication that aims to go international.  Apart from Nationwide distribution, we are already available onboard the first and business class cabins and lounges of most major airlines flying out of Manila.  TraveLife is literally going global. ”

For more information:

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Heart2Heart has found a new home!      


I will maintain my Multiply for personal and private albums so i hope to still see my Multiply contacts at Multiply.  Please bear with the new site.  It may have some glitches and the photos don’t have descriptions yet.

I do hope to count on your continous support in this endeavor.  Please register and sign up.  I hope you can tell your family and friends to sign up as well.

By registering, you will get the emails direct to your mailboxes.  You will still have to check your bulk folders especially for yahoo as they still enter there.  I still need to figure that out. 

It will be easier now to share the blogs with your friends – there is a feature below each blog “SHARE WITH A FRIEND.” 

I have decided to take my blogging to a more professional level as many people have suggested it to me.  Making money is not my main motivation for running this site. My main motivation is to grow and eventually make other people grow with me. It is just an added bonus if I do get people to advertise and support my work. My blog has gained me access to certain events. It has become a high traffic media outlet, and many have considered me as a member of the press.   It has been a very busy yet fun six months since I started blogging.

The ideal part from blogging is the freedom it brings. I write whenever I’m inspired to write. Plus I get to spend my time doing what I love most-taking photos, documenting and sharing it with as many people as I can.  I get to see many new places, new things, meet many people and learn from them.

THANK YOU so much to all my contacts in Multiply and to all of you who have been patient enough to accept all my blogs through your emails.  Sorry for filling up your mailboxes.  I am grateful to those who constantly follow all my blogs and take time out to respond.  And to those who delete and don’t read them, you are still my friends :-)  Just be careful, you might be blogged by paparazzi Rica!  :-)


Working Stiff

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Thanks to Rookie and his band, Working Stiff, for entertaining us with such great music. Working Stiff music can be classified as jazz fusion/smooth jazz. Their repertoire includes songs by bands and artists from the 70’s to the 90’s, i.e., songs by Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, The Yellowjackets, The Crusaders, Al Jarreau, Gino Vanelli, Eumir Deodato, David Sanborn, Dave Grusin, Bob James, Seawind, Bobby Caldwell, David Benoit, John Tropea, Larry Carlton, Tower of Power, Carol Welsman, Shakatak, Patti Austin, Patrice Rushen, Boy Katindig, etc., etc.

Their first gig was in Magnet Cafe, Katipunan Avenue in May of 2006.
The name of the group is descriptive of its members who all have day jobs but who share a common love and passion for listening to, watching and playing the genre of music they play. They are all Ateneans (at some point in time or another).
1. Mari Cancio (keyboards) – Unit Manager for PRU Life UK
2. Raul Banzon (saxophone) – Sports Trainer
3. Oggie Benipayo (vocals) – Teacher and guidance counselor
4. John Flores (bass) – Graphic/Multimedia Designer
5. Kedy Sanchez (guitar) – Record Producer, GMA 7
6. Rookie Garcia (drums) – Lawyer, Quiason Makalintal Barot Torres & Ibarra.

Watch out for their future gigs:
1. October 6, Saturday, 10 pm, Strumms, Jupiter Street, Makati, 10 pm (back to back with Toy Symphony)
2. October 12, 2007, 9 pm, Sueno Bar, SM, Bacolod
3. October 13, 2007, 9 pm, Moravia Bar, Bacolod
4. October 25, 2007, 9:30 pm, 19 East Bar & Grill, East Service Road, Sucat, Muntinlupa, along South Superhighway


The New Balance “Raising Hope” Activity

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259244773503_0_alb.jpgJoin my friend Anton, owner of Planet Sports and Kids Station,  in “RAISING HOPE” for the Carewell Community Foundation. 

Thanks Anton for always being so generous in helping others. 


Dear Friends:         979784773503_0_alb.jpg

On behalf of New Balance, we would like to invite everyone to join the New Balance  “Raising Hope” activity on October 21, 2007 Sunday at 6:00AM  Plaza Parking Rockwell Center Makati.

Registration Fee is at P100.00 only – majority of the proceeds will go to THE CAREWELL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION —

The Carewell Community FoundationThe Cancer Resource and Wellness Community Foundation, Inc. (CAREWELL) is a nonprofit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to persons with cancer and their loved ones. Believing that caring well for one another is indispensable when traveling the cancer journey- CAREWELL’s resources and services are geared towards facilitating a positive and productive partnership between the persons with cancer, their loved ones, and their healthcare team, thus, reducing the feeling of: unwanted aloneness, loss of control, and loss of hope. 

this is our chance to reach out and share  some of our Blessings with  others….

Thank you very much!    

Anton Gonzalez