Sunday Souk at Powerplant Mall Rockwell

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919168679503_0_bg.jpgI dragged Mom to come with me to Rockwell at 7:00 am.  I came out with around 200 pictures and she came out with around 200 shopping bags!! :-) 907339679503_0_bg.jpg

Malou of course was there and they were giving out free breakfast with Starbucks coffee for the early birds from 7:00 am till 8:00 am.   878058679503_0_bg.jpgMessy Bessy was there!! That is my sister Krie!  Love the way she fixed up her booth.  She is so artistic and so creative! 937098679503_0_bg.jpgmessybcat.jpg



 Krie’s bestfriend, Mariel, was there too selling her own items from Negros.   Beautiful summer colors!358798679503_0_bg.jpg

I love the way Rustan’s did their booth!  It is so “SOUK!” 326229679503_0_bg.jpgOther Vendors: 203839679503_0_bg.jpg









My friend Des, we used to work together also in Rustan’s.  She is from Pampanga and has really very good Kapampangan food…and of course her famous barbeque. 178058679503_0_bg.jpg188058679503_0_bg.jpg588058679503_0_bg.jpg

208088679503_0_bg.jpg254068679503_0_bg.jpgAnother friend, Vicky, who owns Cucina Victoria which is also inside the Powerplant Mall.  564068679503_0_bg.jpg466768679503_0_bg.jpg 376768679503_0_bg.jpgsunday-souk27.jpg









This booth was so colorful and fun!!! Love it! Apparently she is the maker of the yummy Parmesan Chips I featured.  And so happy to see many more items that she makes!!158698679503_0_bg.jpg558798679503_0_bg.jpg568798679503_0_bg.jpg866498679503_0_bg.jpgsc0009b043.jpg 




And my beautiful friend Margie who is my boot camp partner and the Paella Queen.  She told me that she uses imported squid ink from Spain for her Paella Negra.  It is really good! She has many more dishes you can order for your parties at home. Give her a call.116229679503_0_bg.jpg729229679503_0_bg.jpg929229679503_0_bg.jpg  




996339679503_0_bg.jpg407339679503_0_bg.jpg [email_link]

Cheese Presentation

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What a nice presentation for cheese by Frieda Lim.  I saw it and asked her if Heart2Heart could share it.   

This is a cream cheese boursin spread which she molded into a bowl. Before you put the spread, arrange some fresh herbs to the bottom of the bowl. Unmold to serving plate and add more herbs around. Try it!


and a heart shaped one!!!!! Salmon Cheese Torte






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One of the best memories of the trip ( of course it had to be food related )…Nadaman at Island Shangri-la Hotel Hong Kong.  


Though we go mainly for the TEPPANYAKI444104049503_0_bg.jpg

Meet Dad and Mom’s friends, Chef Mok and Dickson.  They have been there ever since we started going to Nadaman……maybe around 20 years ago or even more.  Make sure you look for Chef Mok to do your Teppanyaki!  


Wow!  Look at that gigantic and FRESH Japanese tomato!!! What a presentation and so delicious! You dip it in a japanese sauce and some salt.318983049503_0_bg.jpg354104049503_0_bg.jpg554104049503_0_bg.jpg754104049503_0_bg.jpg

This was the Japanese Wagyu, the real thing, cooked in charcoal grill. WOW! really just melts in your mouth.   The grill was an interesting piece.  Perfect size for the dining table.  954104049503_0_bg.jpg

That was day 1 when there was no space in the Teppanyaki tables…so we made sure we went back!


Three kinds of mushrooms138983049503_0_bg.jpg

Seafood teppanyaki587983049503_0_bg.jpg

Usuyaki- rolled beef338983049503_0_bg.jpg

AND THE UNAGI!!!!! This is one of the BEST teppanyaki unagis ( eel ) ever! Chef Mok has a certain way of cooking it that it is so crispy and really really good!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Showing the step by step way of how he cooked it…197983049503_0_bg.jpg397983049503_0_bg.jpg597983049503_0_bg.jpg

And this was Heart2Hearts main dish!  WOW!!!! Really delicious!!!Rolled beef with foie gras and mushroom inside. Just this with white rice is yum yum!!!!! Chef Mok has a certain way of cooking the foie gras also that makes it so so good.  It deserves a step by step documentation as well!  If someone else can make this, give Heart2Heart a call!  :-)208983049503_0_bg.jpg408983049503_0_bg.jpg608983049503_0_bg.jpg118983049503_0_bg.jpg518983049503_0_bg.jpg

Then he poured this sauce on the teppanyaki grill……the sauce was really really good!228983049503_0_bg.jpg628983049503_0_bg.jpg

And the Grand Finale!!!

Japanese Wagyu ( top ) and Australian Kobe Beef ( bottom )- what will be documented is the Wagyu which is the more premium beef…538983049503_0_bg.jpg

He even has a way of cutting the beef…..938983049503_0_bg-1.jpg

Cooking the beef on top of its fat!!!! 


WOW!! WHAT A MEAL!!!!!!!! 

But aside from the food really, is also the company.  It is during meals only that the whole group or family gets together.  So, it is fun!  I can’t imagine going alone to Nadaman and having my favorite dish!  It would not taste the same :-) 


Hong Kong Disneyland

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Disneyland is truly MAGIC!  When you are in Disneyland, you do not have to worry about anything, it is a place where everything is just about being happy and having fun with family and friends whether you are 1 or 100 years old!  



 HK Disneyland is very small compared to Florida and LA.  Even the rides and attractions are quite limited.  But when in Hong Kong with children, better to go here than to hang out in the city.

Javier and I did not get to see everything still in a day.  But we did have fun! Javs said it was his best day in Hong Kong.









Even Mickey Mouse was riding and having fun! 












And whether you are in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, LA or Florida – you will see all kinds of people from all over the world in Disneyland.  Indeed, It’s A Small World!! ( Soon to open in HK Disneyland )



website:  Hong Kong Disneyland 


Minstrels by Galaxy

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One of the things I look for in Hong Kong….MINSTRELS!!! So far, I have seen it only in Seibu ( HK$ 15.00 each ) and in Park N’ Shop ( HK$ 10.00 each). It is a British chocolate…..a gigantic version of an M & M. Me and my sister love it!



William’s Photo Supply

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For those who ask me for a “suki” for cameras and photo supply- here is one.  This is actually from my Dad.  Another one of Dad’s friends in Hong Kong.     William has been in Prince’s Building for 35 years already.  It may not be the cheapest in town but you will be sure William will give you your camera as it should be with all the components with it.  Some shops might give you a lower price but might be missing some parts or accessories. In other words, he is a reputable shop.  Location wise it is in a very decent building.  So, do try William when you buy your photo supplies.  







 Photos taken with an IPhone



Wee Andreas is 3!!!

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Thanks Gary and Alexie for allowing me to share the photos of Andreas party…that is what happens when you ask me to take photos for you :-)   


The Birthday Boy 


and his brother Agustin 


Thanks to Mommy and Daddy 


the venue and the festive decorations 


the kids 



and the parents 






the Food 

839631659503_0_bg.jpg 835931659503_0_bg.jpg269631659503_0_bg.jpg559631659503_0_bg.jpg

The games and entertainment 




Thanks for swingin’ by! 


Another book printed by Picture Books

sc000941d6.jpg sc0009643a.jpgsc000953ad.jpg 


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Witchkins Cookbook launch and cooking classes

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Steaming cauldrons, delicious concoctions, and wonderful creations.  Welcome to the world of cooking as seen by three sassy little girls- Carmela, Anna M and Katrina, together with Katrina’s brother, Sir Nigel.  I’m beaming with excitement as I invite you and your kids to the launch of my book, The Witchkins Cookbook. 

April 13:  Powerbooks Greenbelt, 3PM

April 19:  Hooked on Books (Quezon City), 3PM

April 20:  Powerbooks Alabang Town Center, 3PM

April 27:  Fully Booked Serendra, 3PM 

Goodies await those who attend!  Come and join in on the fun!See you then! :)  Mel




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