Gothenburg Foodie

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We did not expect to enjoy eating in Sweden, but surprisingly, everywhere we ate was really good. Fresh seafood!! Their presentation is something else, like a painting/work of art. Sometimes the plates are so big or long, I had a hard time fitting them in the photo. The hotdog on the streets especially the chorizo hotdog was delicious!!! We ate in 3 kebab grills and pizza places which seemed like a popular type of food in the area. I would not mind going back just to eat and try more of their food……YUMMY!!!


MFC Europe Tour Part 3

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The Gothia Cup ( ) Opening ceremony is an important event for the kids because it emphasizes the significance and the scale of the tournament they are joining. It lifts the spirits of the kids and makes them feel part of a GREAT event. My photo coverage cannot describe the feeling we all experienced being inside the stadium and seeing all the teams from all over the world. AMAZING! Thanks to Coach Tomas Lozano for giving many children a chance to be part of this SPECTACULAR tournament.


MFC Europe Tour Part 2

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Arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 15, Sunday. We were so happy to see Jaime. The kids were all tired coming from Benidorm, Spain. Jaime plays with the Boys 12 and under team. Monday, July 16, was their first game versus Sweden and they won 3 to 1.

Wagyu Steak and Cheese Sandwich

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I visited the Salcedo market today and discovered something again……Wagyu Steak and Cheese Sandwich ( P 150.00 ) !!! Two magic words…CHEESE and WAGYU! It is soooooo… YUMMY!  It reminds me of a Philly cheesesteak sandwich but this one uses Wagyu beef.  I asked the vendor if this is something new….apparently it has been there for six months already…I had her split the sandwich into two so i could let James try it too.


I am going to try to make my own version at home.. I can’t wait!


Apartment 1B

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My sister Dina suggested that i take my mom to Apartment 1B because she knew my mom liked Eggs Benedict.  So when my best friend Eds called to have lunch, I suggested we eat there since it would be something new for both of us and it would be an opportunity for us to try the Eggs benedict Dina was talking about.
We stayed in the ground floor but discovered the 2nd floor which was cozier but we had no choice since the place was packed at 1 pm.  We were lucky to get a table.    
As we entered, we saw some dishes coming out of the kitchen so we took a peek and we noticed that many of the plates had grilled pork chops on them so we figured it must be good, so that is what we ordered – Grilled Pork chops, homemade applesauce, potato corn gratin – and it was delicious! 
And of course, we ordered the Eggs benedict, wheat English muffins, lemon-caper hollandaise, home fries with canadian ham & spinach ( though it was in the breakfast menu ) to see if it was worth bringing my mom over…and the verdict is…I will take mom to this place one day for breakfast. 
For dessert, we had the White chocolate cheesecake, berry coulis.  YUMMY!!!
We shared everything we ordered and we enjoyed so much.  I hardly see Eds but whenever we talk on the phone and when we see each other, our friendship is still the same …. I guess that is why she is my best friend. One Lafayette Square Ground floor, Unit 1-B.  132 L.P.Leviste Corner Sedeno sts. Salcedo Village, Makati  tel#:  843.40.75 mobile #:  0920.855.4560


Photography with Manny Librodo

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July 10, 2007
I am so fortunate to have been able to spend a day with Manny Librodo. Thanks to our good friend, Bobby Wong, for introducing us to Manny. It was actually my dad’s workshop and he was kind enough to squeeze me in so i could learn from the master. Manny is a teacher in Psychology in Bangkok and does photography as a hobby. He developed his own art in post processing photos which he taught us. More than the technique, it is important to have the judgement or the creative eye which is a talent not many have and what makes Manny Librodo stand out.

To see more photos of Manny, you can visit his gallery at:

Kharu was our model for the workshop. She is proof that aside from having first rate equipment combined with the skill of the photographer…that the subject is just as important. She has so many looks and emotions and is so beautiful to photograph.

These are the raw shots I took. The last 3 photos are the post processed photos which my Dad worked on with Manny. Incredible how you can turn one photo into other beautiful creations….a work of art!


Tummy Trim

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752427773503_0_bg.jpgit is definitely Heaven on the Fifth!  

There are two new things from Clarins Institut – Tummy Trim and E3P. 

While I was having my facial, my therapist told me about the new Tummy Trim Treatment, so I immediately asked her to try it on me. 

This invigorating regiment targets problem areas around the midriff from the waist to the abdomen and the hips, incorporating a comprehensive massage sequence with Clarins’ signature body contouring suite of PRO formula products to improve cellular exchange, breaking down stubborn fats and facilitating the elimination of waste and toxins. A silky plant-based mud wrap intensifies the draining process. This is a weekly treatment for around 3 to 4 weeks.  Of course, just like any weight loss program, you still need to keep a balanced diet and exercise.


When I went to the powder room, I saw a very interesting new product called E3P.  First time for me to see such a product. It is an ultra-sheer screen mist containing a combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-ageing effects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution. A brand new protective step in skin care – not just for Clarins but for the industry worldwide – which is suitable for all skin types, for men as well as women.You can spray it over bare skin, over moisturizer and make-up, at any time and as often as you like. I sprayed on some E3P on my face and felt really refreshed and if it really does what it says, then it is a great discovery.

Clarins is my favorite brand for skincare and I treasure every moment when I go for a facial or body treatment…….It is my dream to have my own treatment room at home and have someone apply my Clarins products on me everyday both face and body  629947773503_0_bg.jpg

Heaven on the 5th, Rustan’s Makati Tel#:  817.8414 / 813.3739 loc. 271 

MFC Europe Tour Part 1

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July 6, Friday
Today we said goodbye to Jaime as he leaves for a 3 week trip to represent the Philippines in various soccer tournaments in Europe-Costa Blanca Cup, Spain, Gothia Cup, Sweden and Football Festival – Denmark. He is very fortunate to have this opportunity… and more important than bringing home the trophy is the experience that he will get. Good luck to the Philippine team!


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I was so happy to get together with my college classmate from Ateneo, Rem Zamora. Of course, I insisted that we meet up in his restaurant, Piquant, at RCBC Plaza since I have not eaten there since it opened 2 years ago. I was surprised as to how extensive the menu has gotten from that time.  Rem’s family was the one who started Pancake House around 30 years ago which explains his knack in food ventures.  I admire Rem for being able to put up such a great concept – HEALTHY eating, yet delicious!   

I ordered the Turkey Ham & Egg Sandwich while he ordered the Chile-Ancho Pasta.     225127773503_0_bg.jpg

My sandwich was very good but the truth is, I wanted to eat his pasta!  It is a bit spicy but really really good.  I never met a pasta like that before and I would go back all the way there just to have it.  It is an anchovy-garlic pasta with chopped tomatoes, chiles, basil and white wine.  For dessert we had Orange Sunburst and Mocha Royale.  I had to ask Rem twice if it really was healthy because it was really good.  Both were FAT FREE and SUGAR FREE made by Eli Beltran’s, Sugarnot. 

281147773503_0_bg.jpg   448627773503_0_bg.jpg

Thanks Rem for a wonderful experience, I hope you open more branches so that more people can enjoy HEALTHY EATING! 


rto 12 podium 3, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave., Mkti     Tel #:  729.3452  mobile #:  0905.241.7059



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Every Saturday is lunch with Lola Charing. We normally go to her house but today, Lola treated us at her restaurant, Sousaku. It is managed by Tita Bing Bing Santos who also manages the very popular Mezza Luna at Serendra. We ordered the basic japanese food that we always order and it was EXCELLENT! We missed the other members of the family…Tita Rose, Tito Butch and Tita Agnes, Lola Nette and Lola Nena, Marga, Gogs…… but we enjoyed anyway.