Secret Recipe

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275528773503_0_bg.jpgI discovered these spices from Tita Babot Joseph as she was grilling burgers for us.  I recently found two out of the four at Rustan’s Supermarket – Meditteranean Sea Salt P 328.75 and the Tellicherry Black Peppercorns at P 363.25 which is sourced from India’s Malabar Coast because they are larger in size and known for their robust flavor. Both grinders are disposable and the bottom half is recyclable. 


Tita Babot also shared with me a healthy burger recipe which uses old fashioned oats as a binder. She puts a lot of chopped garlic, chopped white onions, chopped carrots and celery leaves sliced finely. Saute them in olive oil until soft then add to the lean ground beef.  Add lots of oats. Then put salt and pepper and some A1 steak sauce for flavor.  Shape into burger patties. The “secret spices” come in when you are grilling or cooking the burgers :-).

Other varieties which I bought and like are available as well at Rustan’s:  Lemon and Tellicherry Pepper and Roasted Garlic and Meditteranean Sea Salt.  I yet have to find the other two – the Garlic Salt by Mc Cormick and Grill Masters Montreal Steak.   



Hues of Life

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In a few days, My Dad, James & I, will be learning from the master, Manuel Librodo.
As I love to take photographs and document moments in our lives, I wish to capture them and be able to bring out the beauty in everyone and in everything…….. and I am hoping to learn and improve my photography skills so i can continue to share the wonderful people and events in our lives….

Meantime, I am sharing this with you….for those of you who will see and receive this, you have an advanced and exclusive viewing of the 10 limited-edition photographs intended for collectors. (The photographs in this limited-edition series are conservation-framed.)

A photography exhibit BY MANUEL LIBRODO

These photographs are part of a larger series of travel photos taken during his recent trips across Southeast Asia, documenting its people and their unique culture.
Manuel Librodo is a renowned Filipino travel and portrait photographer who has won numerous international awards for his compelling photographs. He is currently based in Bangkok and holds travel and portraiture workshops worldwide. His Hues of Life series is composed of 10 limited-edition photographs intended for collectors. They are individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Limited-edition photographs by Manuel Librodo entitled “Hues of Life” will be displayed at the Crucible Gallery. Everyone is invited to the exhibit’s opening cocktails at 6pm on July 3, 2007 at the Crucible Gallery 4th Floor Building A, SM Megamall Mandaluyong City. The show runs until July 15, 2007.
For inquiries, call Chari Elizano at 635-6061


Big Brother

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If you are in the area, you definitely have to drop by Big Brother to have their thin crust pizza.  It is really good and even tastes much better when you know that you are getting value for your money. 
 It is a personal size pizza which is as big as a regular dining plate and the Margherita pizza we ordered was only P 140.00.   We will definitely be back to try the others! 
Big Brother – Valuepoint Bldg. # 227 Salcedo st. Legaspi Village, Makati City

German Club

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June 26, 2007
Paolo and Katrina Lobregat treated Lolo Benny for lunch at the German Club. Tito Rico and of course the little buddha, Xevi, was there and we were so honored to be invited as well. The German Club is a members only club and has been in existence for 101 years already. Thanks to Pao and Kat for a wonderful meal and for the great company. We should do this again…and again…and again.

Luigi’s 8th Birthday at Educare

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June 24, Sunday
For the second time, Luigi celebrates his birthday with the Educare kids. Luigi invited also a few of his cousins & best friends. There were 40 kids from 4 Educare adopted day care centers who were so lucky and blessed….they enjoyed and had a great time. Thanks to my good friend Michele who is always so giving and generous not only to me and my family but to our foundation.


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Mike introduced the de Jesus family to a new restaurant in Salcedo Village, Sinbad’s. He knows the owner, Cheryl, who prepared our meal for the evening. It is a nice and quaint place. If you like kebabs, you will like Sinbad’s. We all enjoyed the food………and of course the company. We look forward to new discoveries all the time, so we enjoy trying new places.


June Mothers Club

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My Sister in law, Dina Campos, has been inviting me to Mothers Club since forever, and finally I was able to attend. Mimie de Ocampo is the host & I admire her for keeping the club going for many years. Because of Mimie, many mothers continously learn so much and develop their skills. She had Milet Lorenzo then Bettina Benitez then Stella Aguila as her partners but now she does it on her own as they have either migrated or moved to a farther subdivision. Mothers Club is held every 3rd or 4th thursday of the month.

We were around 20 mothers. I was surprised to see my preschool teacher in Early Learning Child ( ELC ), Maricar de Ocampo. She was the guest speaker for the day. I learned a lot and enjoyed her talk as i could relate to everything she was saying. No one can be more credible than a mother who is experienced with children and she had many stories to share. I could go on and on listening to her talk about children because these are valuable inputs that will help me as a mother.

After her talk was cooking lessons by Pia Lim-Castillo on South East Asian Cooking. Cooking lessons is a regular activity and attendees share in the expenses for the ingredients. Past chefs were Gaita Fores, Beth Romualdez, Malu Fores and many more. The best part…..the eating part! We got to taste everything Pia taught us. Delicious!!!

All these 3 women – Mimie, Maricar and Pia – I admire because whenever they do what they do – they provide value and make a difference in someone else’s life. Thank you for taking time out for all of us.

I think i will be a regular attendee of Mother’s Club from now on. Thanks to Dina for introducing me to a wonderful experience.


Chicken ala Kiev

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A few weeks ago, the “Gumamelas” had a reunion and we decided to have it of course at our highschool hang out, Manila Polo Club Sports lounge,  where we used to stay all the time.    It was good to see the gang, though three were missing as Triccie and Gillian live in the States and Bea was still vacationing abroad. 

Part of my reminiscing was ordering Chicken ala Kiev, my favorite dish in Polo.  It changed since our highschool days since the cook had retired already but the new version is close to it so I would still order it.  They warn you though that it takes 30 minutes preparation…’s worth the wait! Once you slice it, the butter oozes out and fills up the plate!  Very unhealthy but since our reunions happens every one or two years, then I figured it was okay. ( justifying pa  ). They used to have this dish called Spicy tapa bites and I used to like that too.  

Thanks to Pat Puyat-Palanca, the General Manager of Polo Club, I was able to get a photo of the Chicken ala Kiev.  I realized that when I wanted to write about it, i ate it all already!!! 

Though I do not eat much at the club, I noticed a lot of changes in the food. There are so many specials and monthly features and this has a lot to do with Pat’s expertise in food and beverage. More power to Pat!!




One Sensational Sale

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I enjoyed the Rustan’s supermarket sale over the weekend.  I made sure I was the first in the store, so i was there at 8:30 am for the 9 am opening.
I bumped into a friend, Noel dela Merced who normally does his grocery also every Saturday morning. So this is the second time we bumped into each other.   We were both thrilled doing our shopping since it was a SALE!  I asked permission if I could take his photo because I am so amazed at the fact that he does the grocery.  It is so rare that I bump into a guy doing the grocery and it made me smile.
Almost all the grocery items were 5% off and all imported items were up to 20% discount.  So I bought the basics for a whole month supply to take advantage of the discounts.  It is very rare to get discounts on basic grocery items so I thought this was a good deal.  My favorite buy was of course the junk food section.  I could not believe Kettle Chips was on sale normally around P 131.75 to P 133.75 but now on sale at P 107.00.  And I got so excited when I saw 2 new flavors which were CHEESE flavors ( YUMMY! ) : Tuscan Three Cheese ( Asiago, Romano and goat cheeses with sweet roasted red peppers ) and Crinkle cut Chips Buffalo Bleu.