Eddie Boy Escudero

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Eddie Boy is the husband of my friend, Bobbet.  And yes, he is related to the Escuderos from Villa Escudero.  Even before I met Bobbet, I was already seeing him all over the place -in weddings and events. 

With Eddie Boy’s permission, Heart2Heart is sharing some of his photos which are some of Heart2Heart’s favorites…..  





 some humorous ones………………




I really admire his style and the photos he takes in events and most especially weddings.  He takes photos of the details that I myself like taking photos of.   The most recent one I saw and really liked was of his daughter, Ula, who got married in Boracay. 








 He also takes portraits and he has done many…some of them are friends or famous personalities.

 Maritoni Rufino-Tordesillas


 Maritina Romulo





 Leica Carpo


 Tessa Prieto-Valdes



 KC Concepcion


Mylene Dizon


Ina Raymundo


Gi Toengi


 Joey Mead


 To see more of his photos, visit his site at http://ebeseyes.multiply.com

 or to contact him :  0917-8932742 / 3732675



Nursery Station at Rustan’s

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Last Christmas, I discovered a new room at the Children’s floor ( 3rd floor ) at Rustan’s Makati…a nursery!  A nursery where mothers can rest, breastfeed their babies or just relax while waiting for their gifts to be wrapped.  Another FIRST for Rustan’s.  No one ever beats Rustan’s when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE…..they love to spoil their customers!266449616503_0_bg.jpg620699616503_0_bg.jpg




Race for Tubbataha

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Congratulations to Ton Concepcion for a successful race! We need more people like Ton who can help make our world a better place.  An idea or a desire to help is more meaningful when it becomes a reality and action is taken to implement and achieve that desire.  It takes a lot of guts and a lot of hard work to organize an event, and you lead it and you made it all happen! 

The race was successful because:

1.)  You were able to raise funds to preserve our environment, to save Tubbataha reef

2.)  The event created awareness of a beautiful place, nature, and in our very own country

3.)  You created a wholesome atmosphere for kids to enjoy and at the same time learn and help save their environment in their small little way.  Even pregnant women walked the race…It was a race that everyone who wanted to support the cause could join.

4.)  Thousands of people supported and joined the race

5.)  And everyone enjoyed!!! 

Looking forward to the next race in 2009! 

website:  www.condurarace.com   


All out support from the family of Ton, including his dog who also ran the race!  Heart2Heart’s favorite participant! 




 and FRIENDS!!!



 The race started promptly at 6 am…..The 10k runners started first, followed by the 5 k then the 3k.













Loved these fish characters in the race!   


The finish line…. 






























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A Race to Save the Reef -Condura Race for Tubbataha 08


Chelsea Market

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A nice bestfriends lunch place, thanks to Rina for finally making me try Chelsea Market.  We have been wanting to have family dinner here but no reservations are accepted during weekends.  So a big group would be difficult to turn down without reservations.  We will definitely go back with the family or in a big group – Good value for money – New York portions -generous and can be shared.  159420038503_0_bg.jpg  996230038503_0_bg.jpg We were early and luckily to be one of the first to sit down… beautiful interiors…casual and cozy….. 







and cool looking service staff….


What a unique bread plate!   


Rina insisted that I have one of these…..even if I normally drink only water when dining… 

carafe-drinks.jpg 856472518503_0_alb.jpg








 Heart2Heart’s favorite part of the menu!!






oysters.jpg  grill.jpg













Unique and really deliciously looking desserts………… 




189082518503_0_alb.jpg 879082518503_0_alb.jpg




We wanted to share one dessert as we were stuffed already- we asked the waiter for the best selling dessert and he said the Four-Layer Toblerone torte – it was really good!!!





And, of course, Heart2Heart will not miss taking a photo of the HEART dessert!!! which no one wanted to break! 


 Chelsea Market and Cafe

Serendra Piazza Ground Level 

Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Tel. 909-7011 or 12




Graphic Design as a means of Communication

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Graphic design as a means of Communication

Date      March 8, 2008  (Saturday)

Time     2 to 4 pm

Venue    Lopez Memorial Museum  G/F Benpres Bldg., Pasig

Fee       P50 (students)

             P100 (Museum Foundation members)

             P150 (non-members)


Through typology, photography, illustration and other graphic elements, one communicates ideas and meanings visually.  Known as graphic design, “it stands apart from more traditional arts like painting, printmaking and sculpture because its ubiquitous role it plays in mass media and technology.”  To give an overview of the history of graphic design in the Philippines and the contemporary graphic design scene in the Phililppines, the Lopez Memorial Museum and the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. has invited Teammanila to give a talk.



Team Manila is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in the Philippines whose broadcast and print designs have won numerous awards from MTV Pilipinas, PDI among others.   It was formed to educate the eyes and taste of the public through its output and work.  Team Manila intends to make a lasting mark on visual culture and to contribute to the graphic design landscape, both locally and internationally.”


Some of Team Manila Design Studio’s works:

image0031.jpg      image004.jpg




The Stories on Philippine Art lecture series aims to create more awareness of various personalities, art forms and practices in the country. 


For more information and for reservations, please call 631 2417 or 404 2685 or e-mail us at pezseum@skyinet.net

The Lopez Memorial Museum is at the ground floor, Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.








Dream, Believe and Achieve!

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With permission of Rica, and her family,   Heart2Heart is sharing with you an inspiring event held by the Concepcion family in Cebu last Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.   They have this conference once a year where the whole family gets together somewhere out of town…..and they are around 70.  Wow!!!   There is the formal conference…. there is the reflection on what has transpired in the year and there is the bonding and spending time together as one big family. What fun!!

I am so proud of your family, we share the same values of hard work and family.  Having a family business and keeping the family together is not an easy task and it is nice to see how your family has succeeded in doing all that and then passing it on to the fourth generation.  Congratulations!!! 


Written by Rica Concepcion – Araneta

DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE. This was the slogan we used throughout our 2 day Concepcion shareholder’s meeting in Mactan, Cebu. We have been having yearly meetings similar to this one for the past 4 years (I think?) and I can say that this one was the BEST!! Why…maybe because we were away from Manila and were stuck in a place so far away from distractions (mall, shopping, office, etc…)….maybe because the place was beautiful even if the food was the worse :(…maybe because this was the first time that the kids (4th generation 10 years old & above) were old enough to participate without getting bored…..maybe because the younger ones 4G or 4th generation (9 years old and below) were included too….maybe because the 2G or 2nd generation (my parents, titos and titas) did not end up fighting but shared their kwentos with us….so many maybes but one thing for sure is that I love being a Concepcion and I am proud to be one.


Tons opening remarks: – annual cii shareholders meeting and concepcion family gathering:



Maayong pag abot! Welcome to Cebu. I am sure we will have a great conference because everyone is excited in making it the best!I can’t believe it has been 5 years since our first Punta Fuego visioning session. And from Punta Fuego to Cebu we have had 10 shareholder and family gatherings. And countless other bonding moments in between.So what have we accomplished in 5 years and after all of these activities?

1. We have solved all the business issues. The businesses our now striving with the turnaround of Condura and Carrier is taking us to even greater heights

2. We have had over 50 board and excom meetings. 

3. The family is closer than ever. As a whole there is greater family peace, unity and closeness. The proof is today, I don’t think that anyone can say that they were forced to come. And I am so sure everyone is excited to be here.

4. In tagaytay in 2005, we created a Concepcion family credo and identified an advocacy to do together as a family. While this did not materialize, I believe that this was the spark that led to the birth of many advocacies many of us champion on our own that are already making contributions in making the country better.

I would just like to add that our common advocacy may be in keeping the family together. Success in business, a united family and reaching out to others. This is proof that the Concepcion legacy is alive. And it is not all talk but action.

So whats next? Every once in awhile you have those moments when you are truly proud to be a parent. My moment came when one of my daughters wrote a brilliant essay in school that was well beyond her years as a grade 8 student. . Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed. But at the same time humbled when my wife Karen told me – Ton that’s you.It got me thinking of how our kids learn from their parents. They learn from following what we do. So how we live our lives is even more important than what we teach them in words. This is how I learned from my parents and my parents from our grand parents. Truly the dream is to pass on the values and traditions which we collectively call as the Concepcion legacy to the future generations of Concepcions. This in essence is the main objective of this conference. To institutionalize the legacy so that it can live forever. Today, we pass the torch to the 4th generation.













Super Thin Crunchy Crackers

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Thanks to my good friend Janet for introducing me to this great discovery.  SUPER THIN CRUNCHY CHEESE CRACKERS!!!!!!! It is super thin! and super good!!!



We both love cheese so we sometimes share with each other our cheese discoveries.  



I love it! I love it!!  It is yummy alone or as an alternative to Oishi Bread Pan and can be used as well for dips and spreads.  It is amazing because it is really super thin!



 It is only P 32.50 for a pack of 10 packs ( each pack has maybe around 20 crackers inside )!  It comes in sweet flavors as well – Milk and Choco.  Very good on its own or you can spread your favorite chocolate spread.  

superthin_choco.jpg  superthin_milk.jpg 914740038503_0_alb.jpg 224740038503_0_alb.jpg   


Marta’s Cakes

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We were able to stop by Marta’s cakes at Serendra last August while waiting for a dinner date…. Did not get to try anything but a cup of coffee.  A friend had a birthday party here for her daughter and I thought it was a great idea.  What a nice place to have a private party!! For sure the cakes and pastries tastes as good as it looks!  


Whenever we go to Serendra with the kids, no fail they have to pass by Marta’s to get their cupcakes.  They like to decorate their cupcakes and cookies and eat them after…