Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Tempt yourself in Chocolat, the signature chocolate shop of world-renowned Chef Frédéric Robert, Executive Pastry Chef of the Wynn Las Vegas, on the Wynn Esplanade. Javier’s favorite….. and mine. Javier removes the chocolate first, eats the gigantic strawberry then eats the chocolate. Funny…… and he keeps asking for more! 192846283503_0_alb.jpg


Two Worlds by Nicole

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On one occassion, I received a book from my cousins, M. Donnie and Crix. It was a beautiful compilation of poems by my hijada, Nicole. 

When I read her poems, I was very shocked that I had not experienced my hijada who had grown up so fast.  I hardly know anyone who can express herself so well at that age.  Many describe it as “deep” and “dark” but I guess that is what adolescents go through and it just so happens that Nicole can express it through her literary talents.  Atleast she has a way of venting her thoughts and her emotions……. and now she has shared it through her book. I am so proud of her. 




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My batchmate in Assumption highschool, Chef Jill Ignacio-Busuego, started catering in 1991 soon after graduating from the University of the Philippines (UP). Chef Jill also took her culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York after graduating from UP.
A rare blend of class, healthy food, quality service, and affordability, Delicioso Philippines was established to fullfill a dream to be actively involved in creating healthy alternatives to “fast food” or everyday food. Since its establishment in June of 2005, it has kept its promise of providing reasonably priced meals whilst giving quality service and ingredients, and providing restaurant quality food at the comforts of your home and office.

I asked Jill what her popular dishes are:
1. Ravioli- whole wheat with low fat cheese & spinach, regular ravioli – made fresh in the kitchen, sold frozen or ready to eat
2. HIckory Spareribs
3. Chicken Parmigiana
4. Lemongrass Chicken Skewers
5. Pastas
6. Salads- Mango Poppy Seed
7. South Beach Special of the Day- Clients who have been on the program & want to control their Lunch order so they are not tempted to eat “fast food”
8. Caviar Pie – popular because it is made in different shapes & sizes
8” X 4“ Regular Round Pie P1680
8” X 4” Low Fat Round Pie P1792
In Single Serve 4” Diameter Regular P550.00
In Single Serve 4” Diameter Low Fat P675.00
9. Smoked Salmon Cheese Balls- A blend of different chesses
Comes in two varieties: Smoked Salmon & Cheese Cheeseball, and Three Cheese Cheeseball.
-Regular small (300g) P420
-Big (400g) P610
-Low fat small (300g) P460.00
-Big (400g) P650.00

According to Jill  “Delicioso does catering- full service or just food orders. We give quality food- restaurant standard at very reasonable prices. The South Beach Diet Packaged Meals is very popular with us because clients get results- they lose 8-14 lbs in 14 days and yet they enjoy the meals. I am very hands on with clients that often they actually call me for advice on what to eat in a specific restaurant. Once I had to choose from the buffet list what the client would eat during her meeting- the hotel in Singapore emailed me the menu choices so they could prepare her meals. Most clients- I would say 75% of them have repeated at least once until they got to their desired weight. Clients who have been on the diet often ask just for lunch orders be delivered to them. So we are also flexible with the contracts. We update the menu at least once a month. We offer both Phase 1 & 2 Meals.”


They are proud to have been certified by Qualibet Testing Laboratory that the meals they serve are of the best quality. Qualibet reassures that the theoretical assumptions are validated Scientifically. They check for protein, fat, carb content as well as sanitiation. They constantly send food items for testing to ensure that the clients get only the best. This is especially true for the South Beach Packaged Diet Meals.Visit her website for more information:


When you know you look good, you feel good…..

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“I love it when someone tells me I look pretty. I think every woman loves hearing this compliment. Beauty and pretty is something anyone can posses. Makeup is not about having perfectly painted, caked makeup to give the illusion of flawless, but to have it on because it is smooth, natural and healthy looking. My goal is to help women appreciate and enhance their own natural beauty. I want women to develop her own sense of style, and learn to love the way they look.” Sabs Hernandez, Professional Makeup Artist

Carla ( Sabs ) is the sister of my sister in law, Margs( bride in photo ).  I am glad to have met the sisters who are both very simple and remind me of the closeness me and my sister, Maricar, have. 



 I am particularly inspired by what Carla has to say about beauty and make up………
“If you aren’t in the habit of regularly wearing makeup…you should. University studies have found that there is a direct correlation between makeup and emotional well being. Additionally, they noted that self confidence, self esteem, social anxiety, and even satisfaction with one’s looks, were all higher in women who regularly used makeup. It’s sort-of like secretly wearing a red thong that women sear make them feel sexier, and more womanly.
Wearing makeup enhances your natural beauty. It accentuates your features by adding an extra bit of refined radiance. Walking out the door knowing that you’re looking extra good will have a major impact on your emotional well being.
You’ll feel an extra bounce of confidence, energy, and a desire to be seen. At its simplest, it comes down to this…when you know you look good…you feel good. Makeup can provide you with a psychological edge each and every time you use it. By becoming a regular user of makeup, you’ll see a beneficial impact in every aspect of your life.”

For every face Sabs does, a donation will be made to the Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc.


For more on Sabs and the services she can offer visit:  She has plenty to share in her website including make up techniques.    

Shake and Bake

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As soon as I saw these t-shirts in the Culte Femme event last saturday, I immediately purchased them for my two friends who tagged along with me that day- Weng and Neng.  It fits them perfectly as they like baking.  Aside from their names rhyming, they have been inseparable friends since they met nine years ago.

They brought for me some baked goodies which i would like to share with you.


Oatmeal Cookies P 60.00 / dozen

Raisin-Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Oatmeal cookies       

Snickerdoodles  P 50.00 / dozen 

Pesto Breadsticks       P 50.00 / dozen

Coco-coffee cupcake     P 144.00 / dozen

Pepperoni Bread P 350.00/ pc
The pepperoni bread is an interesting item – it reminds me of the raisin bread of Baguio Country Club but inside is pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. Yum Yum CHEESE! 


 They recommend that you eat the bread with pizza sauce….

They do not bake for a living but do it as a hobby. Weng is the Master Baker and Neng is the apprentice.They do have real jobs – Weng is an occupational therapist ( works with children with learning disabilities ) and Neng is a tutor.

I hope you can support their hobby. For orders- mobile#:  0917.866.7897. Since they live all the way in the South, orders will have to be picked up in Agua Vida San Antonio Arcade, Forbes Park, Makati
Shake and Bake and Baked to Perfection T’s by Culte Femme P 495.00


My Favorite Tapa

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It seems like there are many other tapa lovers out there.  And I am so happy I discovered 3 more in addition to my TOP THREE!

871884773503_0_alb.jpgMarivic Poblador Pineda’s favorite tapa – She shared with me her favorite tapa and I went to get myself one to try.  There were two kinds available – Classic and Mega.  Since Marvs failed to mention which tapa she likes, I got both. Though the salesgirl mentioned that Mega was the more saleable one and it is the one that Lucy Torres Gomez buys.  May trivia pa!  And true enough, the Mega ( sweet ) was really good and I did not like the Classic ( salty ) since it was ordinary. Pica Deli  P 560.00 / kilo  cell #:  0917.530.6558  tel #:  438-3476   Address: #83A Katipunan, White Plains 

514774773503_0_alb.jpgEdward Lim’s favorite tapa – Edward called me as soon as he read my TTT blog and he told me about his favorite tapa.  He is so cute!  :-)  He not only told me about it but he sent me a whole pack of it to try.  I tried it as soon as he delivered it to my house.  SARAP!!!!!!!! And finally it is not a sweet version but salty.   My brother in law said that it was good and it tasted almost like the tapa in Polo Club in the past.  Edward said that he and his friends pool their orders before he sends his driver to pick it up all the way in Quezon City…para “sulit” the trip. According to him, the one who makes the tapa is Dolor Guevarra who is the agent of Susan Roces….may tsismis pa behind the tapa!  :-)
Dolor Guevarra P 400.00 / kilo.  Cell # :  +63.920.914.3031 Address:  338 Embassy Terrace Homes, Tierra pura Home, Tandang Sora QC

235864773503_0_alb.jpgBrenda Consengco’s favorite tapa – Brenda let me try this tapa a long time ago and I failed to put this in my TOP list.  She called my attention as to why i did not include it and insisted she send me again another pack.  So I tried it again and…… okay it can pass as my favorite too. It is her favorite because she is the one selling it…so of course…Her version is salty.  Remind her that you like plenty fat in your tapa :-)  Cell #:  0917.537.1892  P 450.00 /kilo ( with delivery in Makati and Pasig area )

When I cook my tapa, I have it cut into smaller pieces and I like it slightly brown.  For me, it makes a big difference in the taste and enjoying the tapa experience. 

Thanks guys for sharing your favorite tapa, they are now mine too.


Shop & Spa with Culte Femme and USwim

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As a show of gratitude (and a good excuse to party!), the brand celebrates a Shop & Spa Summer party every year before Holy Week, wherein its VIP clients get to have first dibs at the latest collections while enjoying free spa treatments, cocktails and other treats by partner-sponsors like Essenses, Clarins, Ralphs Wines, Island Spa, Nail Tropics, Brazilian Bare and Haagen-Dazs. It was held in Gippy and Hindy’s residence. I could not help but insert a few photos since I really liked the interiors which Hindy artistically designed herself. I stayed the whole afternoon and shopped, did the whole spa thing and ate coffee flavored Haagen Dazs ice cream, my favorite :-)


Celebrity Cheesecake

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You have to try this cheesecake of Ton.  She gave us one last year and we all loved it.  It is so different from all the other cheesecakes we have tried.  Try it for yourself!  Try the CHUNKY version! YUUUUMMMMY!!!  I have not tried the others ( hint! hint! )  but be assured that the cheesecake base is really good.  That heart shaped cheesecake with strawberries is definitely my type!  Hearts! and Strawberries!
Basic New York Style (Plain) Chunky or Smooth        7″ – P1,000     9″ – P1,500
Basic New York Style (Sugarfree) Chunky or Smooth   7″ – P1,500    9″ – P2,000

Basic New York with fresh Strawberries                           7″ – P2,000     9″ – P2,500
Basic New York Heart Shaped with Fresh Strawberries     P3,000

Blueberry; Cherry; Strawberry; Banana; Mango; Apple additional P500
Oreo Cheesecake         7″ – P1,500     9″ – P2,000

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake    7″ – P2,500     9″ – P3,000
Baked Caviar Cheesecake         7″ – P3,000     9″ – P4,000
California Maki Cheesecake       7″ – P3,000     9″ – P4,000


The 7″ size is good for 10 persons and the 9″ is good for around  15 persons
For orders, call Maritoni Fernandez at  0917-5288664 anytime! Just order 7 hrs ahead 


Passion for garbage

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I visited my cousin in her apartment last week and learned something which made me smile…& therefore worth sharing…
I stumbled into this container in her place with all these recyclables.  What initially shocked me was to see how clean it was and to see even that tiny foil from the top of that yakult bottle.  We all probably segregate our trash and help in our village’s initiatives but I have not met anyone who takes this initiative so seriously and with so much passion.  She told me:

“I do it because it is my greatest fear to become a garbage scavenger. I really and truly feel for them, I see them all the time, and, imagine how hard it must be and I think that I know that it was a stroke of luck that put us in our families and not on the streets. moreover, fortunes can turn, and, who is to say that what I have now will be but temporary?”Whenever she throws her garbage, she makes sure that it is really garbage which no one should have to go through. She does not throw anything potentially dangerous which could harm someone, especially since scavengers hardly work with gloves or boots. Thus, all broken glass or medical sharps go into wrapped plastic bags to mark them as “dangerous.” Whatever she thinks could be useful to the scavenger, she has it washed and cleaned, and present it all in a clean plastic bag to the scavenger. She told me that when she got the information about the waste market, she just printed it and gave it to the family who benefits from her recyclables.
“I do it really because if we can do our part to give someone dignity in a job which really has none, then, all well and good.”



Wagyu Tapa rice

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Another yummy tapa is Wagyu tapa which is very similar to the sweet tapa i buy from Tapas de Gracia. One of my best friends, Rina Silang Reyes, is always a gracious hostess. I get a lot of good advice from her when it comes to home organization and other household tips. She is definitely my friend because she buys most of her beautiful things at Rustan’s, both supermarket & department store   Rina invented this rice recipe which I find very creative yet simple to make…… and is always a popular dish in her buffet:

Prepare and chop the following: Carrots, mongetout beans ( or baguio beans). Saute with olive oil and add the wagyu beef – sliced thinly or chopped in bits. Add cooked plain rice to mix.  Add dash of salt & pepper to taste. Add soya sauce (optional). Garnish with chopped spring onions.


All Silverware are from Rustan’s department store. 

Wagyu tapa: Viger Trading Tel. #: 816-1034 Regular: P 175.00 per 1/2 kilo pack and Special top Sirloin: P 250.00 per 1/2 kilo.