Ananyana Resort, Bohol

By December 2, 2007 Travel 4 Comments

Thanks to Pael and Yvonne for introducing to us this ENCHANTING place!   


Our group wanted to go somewhere we have never been to and this was a great choice!  There are only 12 rooms and we used up 6 rooms so we practically had the place to ourselves.  It was like our own private resort.   It is only 5,000 sq. meters and from any part of the resort, you can see almost everything going on so it was easy to track the kids playing around. 

Ananyana will always bring back good memories for all of us.



  • You’re right, Rica–looks lovely for Bohol!

  • len says:

    hi ms rics,

    this place was featured in living asia channel and i was enchanted. the pictures you’ve taken are so lovely. it leaves me all the more wanting to go to this place. cheers and have a great day

  • Eduardo Lopez, Jr. says:

    WOWEEE, did you say Bohol? Beautiful talaga!

  • Maricoy Obias-Bonnefoy says:

    Spectacular place! Kudos to the photographer who did justice to Ananyana. I am very excited to go there with my South American husband later this month! Thanks for sharing your memories in pictures.

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