Frozen Sansrival

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If there is frozen Brazo de Mercedez from Dimpy, check out this frozen sansrival! YUMMY!!  

It looks just like a regular sansrival but it has ice cream in it!

I discovered this at the Karl Edward Bazaar and Elaine was selling her cookies and pastries.  I actually liked her White House Peppermint cookies and Chocolate Chips which she was sampling and selling that day.  She was not selling her Frozen Sansrival but it was in her price list and I asked her about it and ordered it!  I LOVE IT!


I also featured Elaine in Baker’s Dozen when she was exhibiting at the Power plant mall.

entry:  Bakers Dozen Sept. 21, 2007sc00079b59.jpg frozen-sansrival.JPGsc00079b59.jpgsc0007571d.jpgsc00079b59.jpgsc00079b5901.jpg

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