Dell’s Food Hall

Heart2Heart loves featuring success stories and people who work hard!  We all know that it is not easy to start a business, run it and make it successful in this very very competitive world.  

I was very happy to visit my Assumption highschool batchmate, Karla Siopongco-Campos at her foodhall and was amazed at what she has accomplished since then.  I call her the CAFETERIA QUEEN! :-)


Dell is the Mom of Karla and she told me that when we were in highschool, her Mom was running 20 cafeterias and she would even pull out Karla from school when she needed an extra hand in the business.  So at an early age, Karla was already exposed to the cafeteria industry.  It was only when her Mom was not physically well that she was sent back from the States to come to the Philippines and her mission was to close the business.  So from twenty locations, she was left with one. And from that one, she bought the business from her Mom and then now grew it to 11 successful locations! WOW!


A very very busy cafeteria with plenty people 


Aside from all the wide variety of  food that is already out….. There are a few dishes you can still order like the sizzlers and the All Day Breakfast.  Dell’s is open 24 hours to cater to the call centers.


Karla made me try her food and it was really good.  It is really value for money which is why many, many people come over on a regular basis to have their meals at Dell’s.  

Aside from the great lunch, was the great company and I enjoyed getting to know Karla more. Though she was my batchmate, I only got to know her recently as our kids go to the same school.  I like her very much! and enjoy her! 


Heart2Heart is very very proud of Karla for what she has achieved and the success she is enjoying.  Thank you Karla for sharing your story with Heart2Heart and more power to you! You are an inspiration!








  • tisa santos says:

    Congratulations Karla! Food looks soooo good and place is so clean. We shall try it very soon. :)

  • joanna duarte says:

    go karla go!

  • Joey Carpo says:

    Serious comment, I have (4) OJT’s from UP Los Banos who need to do work, Maybe you need extra help X-mas season. Theyare taking up Nutrition. They practically free just comp them for food.

  • Karla S. Campos says:

    Rica -Thank you. If i am the cafeteria “queen”, then you must be the queen of blogs….! Seriously, thank you. I am so touched. God is good.. Talk to you later. Thank you very much.

    Tisa- Thanks also. Best regards.

    Joanna – We were just texting each other this morning.. LOL! GO Joanna Go rin ako!

    Joey – We’re hiring. Will email you directly.

    Peace everyone!

  • Ed Bartolome says:

    I am a fan of Dell’s Food House. Whenever I see a branch, I always make it a point to take either my lunch, merienda or dinner there.

    Finally, a cafeteria without the grime, soot and the smell of ‘dirty kitchen’. It is a tasteful place that offers a warm ambience and great food for people on the go.

    I think this is a concept whose time has come in the Philippines.

    Please let me know if you start franchising already. Best wishes from a fan!

  • Jen says:


    I’m also a fan of Dell’s myself — the food, the cleanliness and the efficiency of the staff. After having eaten at some of its foodhalls though, some of my peers realize that they do not accept card transactions, even if they cater to employees at landmark office buildings in the Metro.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could relay my comment (and email address) to Karla Campos. And I would be glad to show her our marketing proposal.

    Thank you very much. Great blog, very admirable business thinking and truly an inspiring story!

    Kudos to Dell’s and Karla! Hope you get to target every decent office building soon!


  • Webb C. Antipala says:

    Proud to be a Dell’s employee way back 1986-89 at Dell’s Central Bank. I’ve learned a lot with them that made me love the food business.

  • antonio romasanta says:

    Hello Karla, i am one of the few former employees of mom during Ateneo days and Solid Mills, Inc. Definitely you may not remember me anymore because that was 1988 when i worked as a waiter/bus boy in Ateneo as Dell’s Canteen, then after a year i was transferred to Solid Mills, Inc in Sucat i was studying and working at the same time. I am working now as an IT yet still looking for your mom and ask if i could still join the company as a supervisor this time.Thanks.

  • hi..Karla S. Campos

    how are you!! this is Indian man nice to meet u thru email.i’m one of your employee her name glenda torregoza cajayon boy friend.

    i’m working as a central puncher in KSA. CPU division.

    i sw some cleanliness and the efficiency of the staff & food is so ow-some & Delicious its so great looks & tide i’m so happy to see i’ll visit soon in your cafe with glenda torregoza hehehhehe see u soon god bless you . THANKS.

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