A Wedding of 38

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My friend Chary gets me into the most unusual and unique things ever! and I LOVE IT! :-) After our visit to the Makati City Jail,

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She invited me to a wedding where she was the coordinator :-) She asked me to meet her at the MAKE UP ROOM ( using one of the offices in Don Bosco church ).  They have been here since 7am and I arrived at 830am 


where all the brides are being groomed for their special day :-)   


Couldn’t find Chary at first and bumped into her husband Lito.  This is actually the event of Lito together with his Rotary Makati West Group and good wife Chary enhanced and made it better by offering her services together with her Happy2Help group


And here is Chary!  With her friend Acie Romero, helping out with the make up for the brides  



Mia Nolasco- Gonzales from Luxasia brings her team to help out as well! 


And Pauli Genuino who I have not seen in so long!!!  Pauli is now an instructor at John Robert Powers.  I heard she even gave tips on posture for the brides!  :-) mass-wedding-015.jpg

 She brought her classmates from CAS ( Center for Aesthetic Studies ) to help with the make up

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Picture taking with family already happens in this room :-) 


After that, I went to the reception area where they were setting up the tables and chairs  and here is Chary again decorating the area


Chary’s friends, Noel Tordesillas and Vivienne Hugo, who are engaged and about to be married, donated the wedding cake 


Other members of Happy2Help – Wendee Soliven, Tina Norton and her daugther and Vivienne



Then I rushed to the church as the wedding ceremony was about to start.  Here is the Rotary group who sponsored this wedding!  Thanks to them, couples are formally married in church with the blessings of God.  There are many out there who are not married in church because of financial reasons.  However, they made it possible today for 38 couples to be married.  Lito told me they wanted to wed 42 couples in honor of their 42nd anniversary but they were not able to gather enough and some couples did not qualify for the church requirements.  They have been doing this for 18 years already!  They provide the gowns and barongs, the reception and church fees.   



All the couples waiting in line to march down the aisle :-) 


Even the flower girls and ring bearers are in line :-) 


Ceremonies being held at the Don Bosco church take note with aircondition! :-) 


Just the 38 couples fill up already a big part of the church :-)  Each couple is allowed to invite 4 guests each


I could not stay the whole ceremony so I left and checked out the reception area and here it is, ready for the newlyweds to celebrate.  This is just nearby the church, so they just have to walk a few steps :-)


Thanks to Lito for some photos which I grabbed.  They even had a photo booth:-) 


and the romantic cutting of cake and toast! 


41598_135265089841700_4240_n.jpg happy2help-logo.jpg



  • Pauli Porquez Genuino says:

    I had a wonderful time with the Brides and Flower girls. My thanks to Make up Artists Chrislyn and Barbs. Thanks to Lheng Villarba of CAS (Center of Aesthetic Studies and her team).
    I AM happy2help!

  • lentugado says:

    Ms. Rica,

    I truly admire the people who made this possible. Simple acts of kindness and a genuine concern to the less privileged in life warm the heart. I hope that there would be more out there.



  • Jacquiline Nate says:

    love it…me and my hubby are one of those couples who had given an opprtunty to fulfill our marriage and to make our marriage right..(we’re only civilly married b4)…thanks be 2 GOd and to all generous people who made it possible…May God continue 2 bless all of u…:)

  • cris A. Trinidad says:

    hi rica,

    what a nice gesture and a very inspiring story!

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