Heart Gifts Part 4

Love comes in many forms – And to me they come so unique and so meaningful- thank you for thinking of me on HEART to HEARTS DAY and whenever you see a heart :-)

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A video shared to me by my sister, Pam – so cute this Jacobo kid! 


I received a nice surprise today from my son, Jaime, who is abroad in school



And being the campus DJ every Thursday at SPS, he also sent me a valentine video /song which probably is meant for someone else :-)  But definitely a nice Valentine song  


Love, it’s a special day

We should celebrate and appreciate

That you and me found something pretty neat

And I know some say this day is arbitrary


But it’s a good excuse, put our love to use

Baby, I know what to do

Baby, I will love you

I’ll love you, I’ll love you


Love, I don’t need those things

I don’t need no ring

I don’t need anything

But you with me

‘Cause in your company

I feel happy, oh so happy and complete


And it’s a good excuse, put our love to use

Baby, I know what to do

Baby, I will love you

I’ll love you, I’ll love you


So won’t you be my honey bee?

Giving me sweet kisses all the time

Be mine, be my Valentine

Ohhh, Oh woah, Be my Valentine

 Now I know why I love cheese – My Lolo Benny ( Mom’s side ) and my Lola Charing ( Dad’s side ) both love cheese.  A witty and cute quote from my Lolo – so for everyone out there – make sure you have cheese with your dinner and your Valentine’s date gets a kiss – haha!!


From my best friend, Eds.  Whenever I wear this ring, I get so many compliments   


Thank you for this cute heart ladle- I am sorry I forgot who gave this to me :(


From my cousin Ana


From my good friend Ned, the wallpaper of my iPhone


From one of my good friend, Lills


From my good friend, Alexie


A heart shaped pizza from Chef Javs, my thoughtful son


 From the office on my birthday 


Even during Christmas I get heart gifts!  I love it!! Kitchen towels From Rica Araneta who has the same name as me and also loves hearts


From my batch mate, Arlene, for thinking of me while in Disneyland!


 A cute heart post it note dispenser 


Again from my bestfriend, Eds


Heart candy from Twisted Candy!


From Pauli Genuino


From Pam and Quito


Happy Valentine’s day to everyone from Heart2Heart!!



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