Moustache Mania

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When in the States last June I saw Moustache items in stores and I was laughing to myself and wondering who would buy moustache products or have moustache theme parties!  When I got back to Manila – the fever spreads so fast!  It’s Moustache everywhere!!!!  Mustache or Moustache it is both used but they say Moustache is the more correct spelling.

From Claire’s – love it! Shades with moustache! :-)

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Dedet and little pepita 

 Kat and Xevi  

Martina Javellana in a bridal shower

Chessie bought these in Fully Booked

When I went to Paper Source, it was one of the featured themes

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From Anton San Diego :-)

From Tessa

From the Make Up Maven Carla Hernandez Dy Liacomustache-mania-123.JPG[email_link]

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