Partnerships for Disaster and Climate Resilience by the Carlos P. Romulo

 Did someone just answer my prayers and wishes ? :-)  Last November I was so passionate about the Yolanda typhoon I put out my thoughts by trying to put into words my own simple interpretation on how I wish we could organise our relief efforts

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Thank you to my friend, Maritina Romulo, she shared the project of her Dad, Ambassador Roberto Romulo,  which answered my prayers and much more!!!  This is good timing before all the storms start coming in.

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Heart2Heart will do her part in spreading and communicating whatever results come out of this initiative, so stay tuned as well here for developments  


Thank you to the Carlos P. Romulo foundation for doing this for our country!!!!


You can go here and see the recent conferences and keep updated through their Youtube account




Click below to stay tuned for videos on the conferences in YouTube


 They also have a Facebook account for updates.  I will definitely be awaiting for the outcome of all of the conferences that go into action and implementation :-)  



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