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The latest events space in BGC @marquiseventsph from the same people @lauralimrodrigo who brought you Active Fun @activefun_official #marquisbgc#h2hcelebrationsMarquis (4)  The beautiful Lim sisters – Laura, Lorraine   and Lorlyn

 “We built this place to pay tribute to our grandfather who wrote a book about a thousand cranes”Marquis (3) Marquis (5)Marquis (1)Marquis (6)Marquis (7)Marquis (8) Marquis (9)  The chandelier has a thousand cranes :-) Marquis (2) marquis bgc origamiMarquis (22)marquis bgc 21 Marquis (10)Marquis (15)marquis bgc 22Marquis (11)Marquis (13)marquis bgc 23Marquis (14)Marquis (12) Marquis (20)marquis bgc 24marquis bgc function roomsMarquis (17) Marquis (16)Marquis (19)Marquis (18)
Should you have any queries or are interested in booking your events in Marquis Events Venue, please contact us at:  663-7487 / 663-7438/ 663-7451

Marquis (21)

Sam and Tam Events

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 As I was about to enter the debut of Bettina, I saw this pretty face and she looked so familiar!  I’m bad at remembering names but I knew I knew her so I just asked her who her parents were and true enough I knew them – Marco and Carmen Santos!  It was Tamika, the daughter of Marco and Carmen!  Apparently she is now an events organizer and has her own business!!  AMAZING these millenials!!!  She organized the debut of Bettina

Previous entry:  18ettina Blooms March 24, 2017

and has done many other events before this already.  WAY TO GO!!! More Power!!Sam and Tam Events (3)  She is the CEO!  and the CEO is hands on and there in the event taking care of everything!Sam and Tam Events (2)  with her team! :-) Sam and Tam Events (1)

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Sam and Tam Events facebook

World Culture Festival 2016 by The Art of Living

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 One Hundred Filipino Cultural Performers set to grace 2016 World Culture Festival

The Art of Living Foundation, one of the largest volunteer based international organizations aiming to transform societies through educational and humanitarian projects, made a pressing call for support to help raise funds to send the award-winning  cultural performers from the Buyogan Festival to the World Culture Festival (WCF) on March 11-13, 2016 in New Delhi, India, where 3.5 million people worldwide are expected to join.

The Participation of the highly talented Buyogan Festival dancers from Leyte in this groundbreaking event is seen as a springboard to place the Philippines in a global spotlight as they showcase Filipino talent and artistry while rising again from the devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Present during the media briefing on WCF are representatives of Buyogan Festival dance troupe and Mayour Octavio J. Traya Jr. of Abuyog, Leyte (center) with (from left) Art of Living Philippines Executive Director Amar Daswani; Country Coordinator Nameeta Dargani; volunteer teachers; Madeline Pajarillo, Siaw San Liew, Kim Hartman; and Randall Chua. Help fund the initiative online at

World Culture FestivalLearn more about the Art of Living at: or call 0917-840-0049 (02) 622-2566 for inquiries. #wcf2016 #worldculturefestival.

Very Old Captain Rum

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Love the invitation from OliviaVery Old Captain Rum (2)

For the launch of their latest productVery Old Captain Rum (3)

Very Old Captain Rum (4)

Olivia Limpe Aw and son, AaronVery Old Captain Rum (21)

Congratulations Olivia and Disteleria Limtuaco!
Very Old Captain Rum (6)

Very Old Captain Rum (7)

Very Old Captain Rum (18)

Very Old Captain Rum (17)

Very Old Captain Rum (16)

Very Old Captain Rum (19)

Very Old Captain Rum (20) Sail Away with Very Old Captain Rum Artisan Crafted Dark Rum at the 6th floor poolside of The City Club

Very Old Captain Rum (12)

Very Old Captain Rum (24)

 The handsome Apa Ongpin – Brand Ambassador of Very Old Captain Rum. He is also the Editor in Chief of Asian Dragon Magazine Very Old Captain Rum (23)

Very Old Captain Rum (22)

Very Old Captain Rum (9)

Very Old Captain Rum (10)

Very Old Captain Rum (11)

Very Old Captain Rum (5)

Very Old Captain Rum (25)

Very Old Captain Rum (27)

Very Old Captain Rum (28)

Very Old Captain Rum (29)

Very Old Captain Rum (1)

Brandon Jon Aw as DJ, another son of OliviaVery Old Captain Rum (13)

 Yuan ( Ongpin) Paella is not only the Paella King he is the President and General Manager of Tabacalera – “I smoke cigars by day and cook paella by night. And Just like food Making cigars is blending the different tobacco leaves to come up with the best flavor” Rum goes well with cigars at the launch of Very Old Captain Rum Very Old Captain Rum (14)

Very Old Captain Rum (26)

Very Old Captain Rum (15)

Very Old Captain Rum (8)

The Eye at Green Sun

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We attended an event at Green Sun – THE EYE which is on the fourth floor.  It is a square shaped venue and has a 360 visualisation where you can put thematic backgrounds, videos, photos and images depending on the theme that you want!  It’s amazing!  It can fit 600 to 800 standing or 500 seated peopleGreen Sun  (2)

Green Sun  (3)

Contact Sara Martinez at -017-889-0891.  Cedric is the one in charge of all the system and technical requirements of the venue so you can contact him tooGreen Sun  (4)

Green Sun  (1)Click below for more info

Green Sun (20150427)Atrium green sun event venueSOMA green sun event venueAxon event venue green sun

The Blue Leaf Filipinas

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Congratulations to Concon and Sheba and Eugene and Michelle on their second branch of Blue Leaf!!!!  They recently celebrated their first year anniversary for Blue Leaf Filipinas!   The Blue Leaf Filipinas (33)

Eugene and Michelle are part owners of Blue Leaf and Eugene  is the Managing Director.  Michelle told me that they made their second location Filipiniana in theme because she mentioned that the Aseana area will soon be filled with casinos and she wanted to maintain our Filipino identity in the area hence the theme.  And it’s beautiful!!!  Congratulations!!!!  Awaiting branch 3 :-)  The Blue Leaf Filipinas (22)

Wow!! This is a bigger venue!!  The Blue Leaf Filipinas (15)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (16)

One of my favourite part of the place is the staircase that has tall wooden candelabrasThe Blue Leaf Filipinas (17)Blue leaf filipinas anniversary life to the fullest

First year anniversary celebration set up! BEAUTIFUL!blue leaf filipinas first anniv set up
Love the chandeliers on the ceilingThe Blue Leaf Filipinas (23)

blue leaf filipinas anniv tablesblue leaf filipinas anniv table decorblue leaf filipinas anniv wallThe Blue Leaf Filipinas (18)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (24)

Food by their accredited caterers
The Blue Leaf Filipinas (28)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (30)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (31)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (29)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (27)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (25)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (20)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (12)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (21)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (26)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (19)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (11)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (32)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (1)

Kitchen’s Best had a whole spread of desserts!!The Blue Leaf Filipinas (13)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (14)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (3)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (6)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (8)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (10)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (7)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (4)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (5)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (9)

The Blue Leaf Filipinas (2)Click below to go to their Facebook page

the blue leaf facebook page

Click below to go to their website

The Blue leaf website


Motcombs Town House

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Welcome to Motcombs Town House :-)  Located in one of the most prestigious areas in London, Belgravia


Meet my beautiful friend, Darcy who manages this place.  I love her :-)  So nice, so funny, so lively and bubbly!!!  So happy to see her.  I have not seen her in 20 years.  She’s been living in London for 24 years and recently just got her residency! :-)  

She has hosted many VIPs like Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Ferguson who has her annual reunion, Duke of York, Gavin Rossdale and wife Gwen Stefani, Roger Federer, Tom Jones, Kurt Russel, Goldie Hawn, Penelope Cruz, Rod Stewart and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and many many more!


Just like a British home, this has 4 levels.  They converted the house into an events venue for small private functions or events.


The first level which can be a reception area or it can be an event for cocktails 


The owner loves art so the place has many beautiful artworks.  Darcy loves them too! :-)  

Horse 1984 pencil  by Elisabeth Frink ( 1930 – 1993 )


Tamara Limpika – Darcy says its her in the painting :-) 


David Hockney


The kitchen 


 20 years ago we were in this same room in Motcombs Townhouse celebrating the Despedida de Soltera of our friend, Rina.  It’s truly a beautiful venue.  The room is called the Robert Sangster Room, named after the racehorse thoroughbred owner and breeder


We attended an Ayala Land Premier event :-)  This was on the 3rd level


Darcy’s office. Do give Darcy a call if you have any events in London and she will definitely take care of you!  


 Click below to go to their website



Paris Returns to Launch the Paris Beach Club at Azure

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Paris returns!!


Several years ago, in 2007,  Jigger presented to us for the first time, Century City.  When we listened to him and when he showed us his presentation, I remember very well I told him that I felt we were in Disneyland :-)  The presentation was so high tech, it felt like we were entering a ride in Disneyland.  I also say it’s Disneyland because in their company- among the siblings together with Tito Joey and Tita Hilda – they will make their ideas come to life.  Sometimes you may think that the idea is out of this world and something you think is not possible – but they will make it happen!  That is the kind of person our friend, Jigger, is :-)  He will get what he wants and he will make things happen! That’s why we love listening to him and he can go on and on….. and don’t underestimate him because it will come true    



Who would have thought that Paris Hilton would ever come to the Philippines and design a Beach Club?  

Congratulations Century Properties on the launch of the Paris Beach Club at Azure.  I was on the wrong side so this is their back :-)

It’s beautiful!!!!


By the entrance is this beautiful vertical garden!!!




Congratulations Jigger and May!! 

I noticed that though the presence and support of the entire family is there in every launch, they do not try to take attention away from their sibling.  If it’s Jigger’s project, they don’t try to grab attention and take centre stage from Jigger.  Same with Marco, if it is Aqua, Marco is centre stage.  I do not know if they do this purposely but it’s something I noticed and I admire them for this even more because I know all of them get a lot of attention from the press, from friends and family

Tita Hilda, Carlo and his very cute son Mattias and Tito Joey 

Paris Hilton for Azure



Who would think something as beautiful as this can just pop out of the South Luzon Expressway? It’s beautiful!



Interiors of the Beach Club.  Heart2Heart loves the pinks :-) 




The hallways changes colours!!!


Third Floor







The Spa – still under construction 


Gym & Studio




Game Room





Jigger thinks of every detail!  The girls! They have to be pretty :-)  What the girls are wearing


Full force security all over the place!


Wifi username and passwords made available when you register

Flying video cameras!  COOL!!!

The launch and party continued in the pool and beach area



Marco and Jackie Antonio spotted by the pool




Beautiful view of the beach club from the pool.  The lighting in the development is done so well!


As the party starts, we are about to leave :-)  And we heard we missed Paris Hilton who was a DJ for the evening and we missed the beautiful fireworks

Nice to see Robbie Antonio on our way out

The manmade beach

with a kiddie area

So happy to see Nurse Kim manning the photo booth!!!  If you put #parisreturns in instagram, your photos will be printed and you can pick them up in the photo booth on your way out!  COOL!

Last view before we go


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